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November 30, 2012

Hello beautiful fam! (and others who will get this forwarded)  How you doing?   
I just had to go buy a new binder because I filled up the last one.  With notes.  We just got two brand spanking new districts in our zone.  22 new missionaries!  Some of them are going to D. C. South, which is right next to home, and the rest are going to Washington Tacoma which is right next to my mission. One of our zone leaders is leaving earlier than the rest of us so the next ones have been chosen from the new Elders.  Poor new Elders.  But things in my district have been going really well.  We all love each other soooooooo much.  Sometimes they get a little rowdy and sadly it's my responsibility to keep them in check, but it's fun overall.  
 Teaching is going well.  One of our investigators, Nickson, dropped us flat on our last visit.  He wasn't interested in joining a church.  He wouldn't even pray to see what God wanted him to do!  He said that God would just tell him, but he wasn't interested in exercising faith in God by asking.  It was kind of depressing but it was a good learning experience.  All the investigators are paid actors, but it's easy with ours to tell who's a member and who isn't.  The members get all interested and prompt us when we're having trouble explaining something, and the nonmembers are pretty hardened against the gospel.  But sometimes, according to the other Elders in my district, there are difficult investigators who will flash their garments if you start to get discouraged lawl.  Oh so mom you know Brooks Baker that homeschooler kid?  Well he sang a duet with his cousin at a devotional and I was like, HEY I KNOW THAT ELDER!  Except I really don't know him, but I know who he is.  
I've met some interesting people and seen some interesting things here.  One of the Elders from The District 2 (those videos we were watching), Elder Murray, taught one of my workshops.  I tried to get him to sign his picture in my MTC Experience booklet-thing but he wouldn't.  He crushed all my hopes and dreams.  I saw President Monson's grandson-Elder.  I also supposedly met the Elder from the Mormon on drugs YouTube video (a video that went viral of an LDS guy who was getting his wisdom teeth taken out so he was all in happy land and stuff and he accidentally swears and starts crying cuz he swore and yeah... it's dumb but kind of funny.  The thing is I would have thought he would already be on his mission by now.).  It looked like him but I wasn't sure.  
Hey mom, I know I'm not punctuating or grammaring very well right now but I can't really bring myself to care since I'm trying to get this typed fast. :D  Oh then in our residence we have these big dressers with secret compartments in the top that people like to store things in and we found a luggage tag in ours that said David Archuletta and had an address.  It's plausible that it's his because he did go through this MTC but you know it could be a prank.  I don't have it though, someone else ended up keeping it.  I've also seen Elder Erekson the first day, Sister Anderson, Elder Scholes, and six other Elders from BYU. Thanks for the dear elders!  That really does work better, and I like to be able to re-read them.  Also I was feeling left out because almost everyone in my district gets tons of mail.  I cried for hours every night (no I didn't but you know).  
I'm glad things are going well at home, I think that's awesome that Luke and Dad are going to help the Sandy victims.  I'm totes jelly.  We saw a video about the helping hands helping out with Sandy.  It was so touching.  Hey in 17 Miracles, I'm related to Levi Savage right?  Or was it someone else cuz I told one of my sisters that I was and then I was like wait...... that may be a lie.  
 Well I can't really think of anything else to write, I should have brought the dear elders with me so that I could respond to what you said better but whatevs.  I love you all mucho mucho.
Love, Elder Georgia

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