Monday, June 24, 2013

January 29, 2013

So sorry I couldn't tell you that this would be a day late, but P-day was temporarily moved to Tuesday because we got to go to the temple today!!  The Portland, Oregon temple is so gorgeous.

MIRACLE TIME!!!  So last Thursday Elder Palmer and I were biking around and we stopped to make a phone call when all these punk teenagers walked up and one of them asked for a Book of Mormon.  With hardly a word, my companion handed him one.  Neither Elder Palmer nor I believed that he actually wanted to learn anything, and sure enough as they walked off we watched as the kid pulled out a lighter and started burning it.  We turned around and rode away, and as we rode I berated myself for not talking to him first to dissuade him from foolish behavior, but I let it go.  The next day we got a call from the area's seminary teacher who gave us a referral for a man named Richard who wanted a copy of The Book of Mormon.  Unfortunately Richard lives in Salem 4th's area so we sent the referral on to them.  On Saturday after a baptism we were talking to the Salem 4th elders who told us about how they visited Richard, gave him a Book of Mormon, he let them in and they had a great experience teaching The Restoration to him and his girlfriend.  When asked why he became interested in The Book of Mormon, he told about how he found one on the ground that was burnt and waterlogged.  When he picked it up, he opened the cover and it said, "Elder Georgia," in it.  He visited his father who told him that an LDS building was just down the road, so Richard went there hoping to return it to it's owner.  He talked to the seminary teacher who got him interested and then the seminary teacher called us.  Why did the Book of Mormon have my name in it you ask?  Well in the MTC Sister Schrishuhn and Sister Langi gave everyone in our district a copy of The Book of Mormon with the challenge to read it for 30 min. a day and to highlight all the mentions of Jesus Christ.  However President gave us the same thing only it was hardback so I was using that one but keeping the one from my sisters on my desk.  Somehow it got into one of our backpacks, and because of that it was burned, abused, and left where one who was seeking truth would find it.  If it hadn't been the copy with my name in it, Richard may not have felt the need to return it and wouldn't have met the missionaries.  God truly works in strange and wonderful ways.

I actually had two investigators at sacrament meeting!  Elder Palmer (on the cello-he's super good) and I (on the violin) played Our Savior's Love and we invited a ton of people to come hear it.  Sacrament Meeting was about to start when finally Larry and Gale showed up.  They're just about the nicest slightly older couple on the planet (aside from my grandparents and anyone else reading this who feels they might fit that description ;)  But they do tons of service and charity work for the destitute and for broken families and such.  They loved sacrament meeting, but they had to leave afterwards.  There was also a less-active lady who showed up which was pretty amazing.  She's fairly young, always working, and she hasn't been active in a long time, and all we did was leave a note on her door about it and she came.  It was great.  But I'm so proud of you for bringing people!  Tell me all about that!  Who were they anyways?

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