Monday, June 24, 2013

June 17, 2013

Sure Mother I would love for you to make me a blog IF you think you could manage one more thing without having a nervous breakdown. :)
Thanks so much for following through on my commitments haha!
So this last week was really slow.....  I think everyone went somewhere for the summer that isn't White City.  It cooled down a bit though!  On Wednesday we were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and we taught the Steens.  Did I tell you about them yet?  If I didn't, tell me to tell you because they're super awesome.  But we had an intense lesson where we got deep into how they really need to get an answer about joining the church or not.  It was way cool.  Sister Steen came to church yesterday and brought her granddaughter!  Yaya!
Well this was the lamest e-mail ever.  But I love yall and I'll send a better one next week!

Elder Georgia!

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