Monday, June 24, 2013

April 22, 2013

So this week was prooty groot!  We met with the Oddo family again on Monday.  Last week we had given Sister Oddo a Priesthood blessing cuz she wasn't feeling well, so this week we sort of went over the Restoration with an emphasis on the restoration of the Priesthood.  When we mentioned that the Priesthood gives us the authority to baptize, Brother Oddo stopped us and said, "So what are the steps to being baptized?"  We invited him to be baptized right there, and he accepted.  He told us he wants to be baptized so he can be sealed to his family forever!!!
We've done a lot this week that has made me feel like I'm following in the footsteps of my parents.  First: we were trying to visit a less-active lady, but she wasn't feeling well so we decided to tract her whole street (it wasn't too long).  The first door we knocked on was a little old abuelita who told us, "No engles."  We tracted the rest of the street and were about to leave when Elder Heidenthaller remembered that we had a libro de mormon in the car.  Hehehe so we went to the car and practiced our espanol door approach.  We went up and knocked on her door again.  I don't know what she thought when she saw us there for the second time, but Elder H introduced us in gringo, then I read the last two paragraphs of the introduction to the Book of Mormon to her in spanish.  We then handed the book to her along with a card with the spanish elder's phone number on it.  She accepted the book then started asking us all these questions, haha we had pretty much no idea what she was saying so we were just nodding and si-ing.  It was so awesome.  We told the spanish elders, Elder (Ash) Ketchum and Elder Jesperson (I didn't really have a reason to put their names in there aside from the fact that I've never known anyone named Ketchum before and I think it's hilarious-and we've now been in the same district for three of my four transfers), and they visited her on Saturday.  They found her outside making some gross mexican food and they told her  more about the Book of Mormon (she hadn't read any of it yet) and said a prayer with her.  They said the prayer made her cry. :) Second: we ran out of monthly miles for our car on Wednesday so on Thursday we had to walk three miles along the highway from Eagle Point to White City (Elder H's bike tire was punctured and we couldn't find an inner tube of the right size) and then all around White City.  It was pretty exhausting.  On Friday we got the bike fixed and have been biking everywhere which is muchas bien.  But Dad walked a lot on his mission right?
Last awesome experience of the week: we were riding our bikes in the suburban type area of our ward when we passed some guys playing hacky-sack (spelling?).  They called out to us and asked if we wanted to join in.  I was starting to decline, for I know not how, when Elder H was like, yeah sure!  So he went over and played with them for a bit, a lady came out of the house and joined in, and they all had fun (I just watched for I know not how).  After a bit, Elder H said it was time to go, but then he asked if we we could come bacl=k and share a message with them!  I was surprised at his boldness, but was even more surprised when the lady said, "Sure I think that would be a great idea."!  So because of my comp's inspiration we got an awesome family of potential investigators. :D
Oh yeah I'm sick again... no biggie.
I'm excited for my P-day B-day present.  :3 We just had Mission President interviews though and he was surprised that we were still living with Eagle Point and told us that we needed to get our own apartment real fast.  Soon after that a few good potential apartments popped up that we're gonna look into, so I still don't know but we might move soon.
I'm so glad to hear about Seth's Georgianess, especially his burgeoning (a real word?) artistic abilities.
I can't believe you've signed up to lead LDSHE Mom.  You're crazy. <3


Love Elder G

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