Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Your week sounds awesome!  Now that you're back home, expect a package from me shortly!  It's been a long time in the making, but I really hope to send it off today!  Might not happen... we'll see.

We had a cool miracle happen!  I don't recall if we told you about Marcus, he's Paul and Dustins other roommate who we've been trying to get involved with the lessons, but he's pretty busy.  We decided to go to Avery Park and try to contact people there, so we walked in this huge loop around the park and took this little old rambling trail, when we had walked about full circle we were passing a little visitors center when a car pulled into the parking lot.  It was Marcus!  He had just come to the park for a little breath of fresh air.  He asked if we wanted to pray with him, so we walked down to the rose garden and he prayed for us all to have guidance and direction in our lives, then we parted ways.  It was obvious that he was the reason we went to that park.  No one else in the park talked to us, but it was super cool to see that we're lead and guided by the spirit a lot more than we realize.

So I'm sending a pdf as an attachment, this is what we're using with members to help them make family mission plans.  The black slide is the video "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go" from the work of salvation broadcast.  So unless you already have one, I challenge you guys to watch the video and use the slides to make a family mission plan!  Do you accept ?  I promise you blessings!

So who's made profiles?  Mom yours hasn't popped up yet, I think you need to log on, go to edit your profile, then hit submit for review.  They have to review everything before they make it public.

Mom, did a Sister Jones send you a text with a picture of me eating dinner with the Cochran family?  And did she ask about LDSHE?  She totally reminds me of you.  She has about five redheaded children, and she's crazy about homeschooling.

Love yous guys!

Elder Georgiza

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

So... my new companion is awesome!  His name is Elder Boswell, he's from Provo, Utah, he's 18, and he's a lot less afraid of talking to people than I was.

Paul was baptized by his good friend Dustin Saturday, 17 Aug 2013.  Unfortunately Paul had to be baptized five times, I guess the water level wasn't high enough, and Paul's back isn't very good, so it was a little embarrassing for them, but they handled it well, and the time Paul went under the water, it was like an explosion of the Spirit throughout the room.  I don't know if it felt that way to anyone else, but it did to me.  The talks were super cool too.

Now I'll answer your questions!  I went to Eugene on Tuesday, we had district leader training, trainers training, then we went to bed.  On Wednesday morning we went to the Oregon State football stadium and ran around, then we went to the 18th street church building and did more training, then we practiced singing the efy medley while we waited for President Young to pick up the THIRTY-SEVEN new missionaries (the most we've ever gotten in one transfer), then we sang the song for them, we got talked to, we ate lunch, we trained together with the new missionaries while at the same time President was taking them out one at a time and interviewing them, then he prayed for inspiration as to who should be who's companion, then we all came together and President announced that it was time to announce companionships.  Of course, I was the first one called up.  Then President Young called the name of my new comp.  Yes!!!  Then we got driven back to our area and started talking to people.  The past few days we've just been trying to meet everyone, and it's been very interesting getting to train Elder Boswell.  It really makes one realize how much one has learned when one has to turn around and teach it all to someone else.  Pray for me in this!  It's super important that I do a good job.

Fiona has not been heard from in a while.  She was always bad at answering her phone,  and she warned us that she would be super busy this past week.  So who knows if she'll be baptized before she leaves for France?  But I'm okay with that.  I just hope she continues to read from the Book of Mormon and doesn't get lost in the world.  She could still be baptized though!

In a way, I'm super jealous of you guys all hanging out there in Idaho, but then again I'm really not.  There's time for that later and I'm just super happy to be doing what I'm doing.  I love you all sooo much.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Augu 13, 2013

Transfers again!  I'm staying here, Elder Benard is going to Ashland YSA (he's actually gone already) and I've been asked to train a new missionary!  I'll be heading down to Eugene tomorrow for some training then we'll get our companions on Wednesday.

Paul was not able to be baptized yesterday because he had a Word of Wisdom slip-up, but he's determined to quit and we gave him a blessing and he's on track to be baptized this saturday.

No I am not in a YSA ward, I've only served in family wards so far.

Oh! yes.  Yes I did get the package with the soft lemonade cookies and they were quite delish.  Thanks a ton for the cd too!  Unfortunately I'll be sending some of my other cd's back to you cuz they are no longer approved.......  I have a package I've been meaning to send to you guys for like three months now, but I haven't gotten all the stuff I want for it yet.

So President Young recently gave us a new key indicator to report on, it's Lessons Taught to Investigators in a Member's Home.  We wrote it in on our progress record last sunday for our weekly numbers and that night we had dinner with the newly-called Relief Society President and she told us she had been looking at our progress record wondering what she could do to help with missionary work in the ward, when she saw that key indicator.  She offered her home as a place where we could teach investigators, and we realized that her family would be a perfect fit for an investigator family we're teaching!  Yay!

Hmmm I can't think of anything else to say!  I love love Corvallis.  I would definitely live here if I didn't love Virginia so much.  Who knows where I'll end up?  Just not Utah. :)  Unless I live on the BYU campus.  In the Maeser building.

Eldste Georgia

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

So, Jesus the Christ is an incredibly awesomely amazing book!  If you haven't read it, you should.  For not actually being scripture, it's definitely inspired of God.

Dustin had another roommate move in with him this week named Marcus.  At first he was saying we should have the lessons not at his apartment, but then he found a Plan of Salvation pamphlet in Marcus's car and learned that Marcus was meeting with missionaries before!  So another new investigator.  Paul is still definitely on track for his baptism, we taught him the Word of Wisdom three days ago and he's been smoke-free since (we found out he was a pack a day smoker), we taught him tithing and he readily accepted.  He's awesome.

Fiona is praying about whether she should be baptized before she goes to France or not.  We hope she will.

Adri I can't believe you painted your walls!  They were so beauteous like a froggy ferny cabbage!  You'll have to send a picture.

Here's a picture of me and my cuz Elder Black!  Unfortunately he just got shipped off to Brazil....  He was waiting on his visa.

Love you all muchas!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 29, 2013

So last week was our mission's trek.  We tracted the 10 hours, and definitely saw miracles, just not the ones we expected.  The week before last week we visited Dustin, a recent convert, and found that one of his friends, Paul, had moved in with him.  We talked with Dustin and Paul was pretty quiet, but on Monday we got a text from Dustin saying that Paul wanted to learn about our church!  We hurried over there and taught him the Restoration, then a few days later we taught him again and asked him if he would be baptized on August 10th.  He accepted it as a goal to work towards, but he didn't seem quite sure.  Then yesterday at church Sister Maloney (another awesome recent convert), me, and a missionary being sent off spoke in sacrament, so it was awesome haha.  Dustin and Paul came to church, received revelation, and when we saw them that evening Paul told us he had made up his mind to be baptized.  We just met him on Monday! :D

Another of our investigators, Barbara the Baptist, also came to sacrament which was super awesome because my talk was about Jesus Christ's true church that he instituted and how it was restored.  She needs to know that.

Fiona didn't come to church because she had to do some stuff for her visa she's getting so she can go to France.  The truly unfortunate part is that she feels her answer was to wait to be baptized till she comes back from France.  She'll be there for 10 months.......  So now we gotta try and deal with that.

We actually did family history as a zone and I found out about William Morley Black, and yes, Elder Black's descended from him too!  Different wife though.

This last week the Corvallis Stake was celebrating the 50th anniversary of its creation.  On Saturday we helped direct traffic for a ginormous salmon bake.  Smoked salmon is really good!  They also put on a play called Promised Valley.  It was pretty awesome.

This is all I have to say!

Love you!

Elder Georgia