Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 29, 2013

So last week was our mission's trek.  We tracted the 10 hours, and definitely saw miracles, just not the ones we expected.  The week before last week we visited Dustin, a recent convert, and found that one of his friends, Paul, had moved in with him.  We talked with Dustin and Paul was pretty quiet, but on Monday we got a text from Dustin saying that Paul wanted to learn about our church!  We hurried over there and taught him the Restoration, then a few days later we taught him again and asked him if he would be baptized on August 10th.  He accepted it as a goal to work towards, but he didn't seem quite sure.  Then yesterday at church Sister Maloney (another awesome recent convert), me, and a missionary being sent off spoke in sacrament, so it was awesome haha.  Dustin and Paul came to church, received revelation, and when we saw them that evening Paul told us he had made up his mind to be baptized.  We just met him on Monday! :D

Another of our investigators, Barbara the Baptist, also came to sacrament which was super awesome because my talk was about Jesus Christ's true church that he instituted and how it was restored.  She needs to know that.

Fiona didn't come to church because she had to do some stuff for her visa she's getting so she can go to France.  The truly unfortunate part is that she feels her answer was to wait to be baptized till she comes back from France.  She'll be there for 10 months.......  So now we gotta try and deal with that.

We actually did family history as a zone and I found out about William Morley Black, and yes, Elder Black's descended from him too!  Different wife though.

This last week the Corvallis Stake was celebrating the 50th anniversary of its creation.  On Saturday we helped direct traffic for a ginormous salmon bake.  Smoked salmon is really good!  They also put on a play called Promised Valley.  It was pretty awesome.

This is all I have to say!

Love you!

Elder Georgia

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