Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Your week sounds awesome!  Now that you're back home, expect a package from me shortly!  It's been a long time in the making, but I really hope to send it off today!  Might not happen... we'll see.

We had a cool miracle happen!  I don't recall if we told you about Marcus, he's Paul and Dustins other roommate who we've been trying to get involved with the lessons, but he's pretty busy.  We decided to go to Avery Park and try to contact people there, so we walked in this huge loop around the park and took this little old rambling trail, when we had walked about full circle we were passing a little visitors center when a car pulled into the parking lot.  It was Marcus!  He had just come to the park for a little breath of fresh air.  He asked if we wanted to pray with him, so we walked down to the rose garden and he prayed for us all to have guidance and direction in our lives, then we parted ways.  It was obvious that he was the reason we went to that park.  No one else in the park talked to us, but it was super cool to see that we're lead and guided by the spirit a lot more than we realize.

So I'm sending a pdf as an attachment, this is what we're using with members to help them make family mission plans.  The black slide is the video "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go" from the work of salvation broadcast.  So unless you already have one, I challenge you guys to watch the video and use the slides to make a family mission plan!  Do you accept ?  I promise you blessings!

So who's made profiles?  Mom yours hasn't popped up yet, I think you need to log on, go to edit your profile, then hit submit for review.  They have to review everything before they make it public.

Mom, did a Sister Jones send you a text with a picture of me eating dinner with the Cochran family?  And did she ask about LDSHE?  She totally reminds me of you.  She has about five redheaded children, and she's crazy about homeschooling.

Love yous guys!

Elder Georgiza

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