Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Augu 13, 2013

Transfers again!  I'm staying here, Elder Benard is going to Ashland YSA (he's actually gone already) and I've been asked to train a new missionary!  I'll be heading down to Eugene tomorrow for some training then we'll get our companions on Wednesday.

Paul was not able to be baptized yesterday because he had a Word of Wisdom slip-up, but he's determined to quit and we gave him a blessing and he's on track to be baptized this saturday.

No I am not in a YSA ward, I've only served in family wards so far.

Oh! yes.  Yes I did get the package with the soft lemonade cookies and they were quite delish.  Thanks a ton for the cd too!  Unfortunately I'll be sending some of my other cd's back to you cuz they are no longer approved.......  I have a package I've been meaning to send to you guys for like three months now, but I haven't gotten all the stuff I want for it yet.

So President Young recently gave us a new key indicator to report on, it's Lessons Taught to Investigators in a Member's Home.  We wrote it in on our progress record last sunday for our weekly numbers and that night we had dinner with the newly-called Relief Society President and she told us she had been looking at our progress record wondering what she could do to help with missionary work in the ward, when she saw that key indicator.  She offered her home as a place where we could teach investigators, and we realized that her family would be a perfect fit for an investigator family we're teaching!  Yay!

Hmmm I can't think of anything else to say!  I love love Corvallis.  I would definitely live here if I didn't love Virginia so much.  Who knows where I'll end up?  Just not Utah. :)  Unless I live on the BYU campus.  In the Maeser building.

Eldste Georgia

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