Monday, June 24, 2013

March 18, 2013

Olo!  So guess what!  New worldwide missionary policy on e-mail is:

1. You may e-mail friends back home and
2. missionaries in other fields of labor but
3. not in your own mission however
4. you may e-mail converts of the same gender inside your missions.

Hooray!  So now anyone who receives these e-mails can e-mail me!

So Karin the greatest is now on date for this Saturday the 23rd at 1:00!  Laurence coming to visit seems to be a fluke of Karin's imagination and so now he isn't.  She came to church yesterday and loved it as usual.

Every time we meet with Doug and Autumn (less-active/nonmember) and their five kids they open up a ton more than they did the last time.  The kids are one by one getting a lot more friendly and talkative and Doug and Autumn are getting more and more involved in the lessons.  It's great.

We went dog-walking with the Ridderbusches on Saturday again and it was really awesome.  I was on exchanges with the Zone Leader, Elder Collins, and he's a real good teacher.  We taught them The Gospel of Jesus Christ and it really resonated with them.

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