Monday, June 24, 2013

January 14, 2013

Good job with that missionary work fam!  I've definitely come to realize that just fellowshipping is the first step in member missionary work.  When we ask members for referrals sometimes they'll say they don't really know anyone.  Well unfortunately that's not really an excuse!  Every member a missionary, so to begin missionary work you've gotta find people first.  That's what us full timers have to do too, but it's easier for civilians because they can do it naturally.  We've been tracting this really long street out in the middle of nowhere with lots of big houses.  There's been some.... interesting.... experiences on that road hahaha.  Thanks for all the Seth stuff.  I knew he would remember me, and make sure you continue to give him his daily History of the Life and Times of Quinn lesson!  Make sure you continually take lots of videos for the next two years too.  Only, it's already been two months!  Is that crazy or what?
Oh Luke, I hate you.  Looking all cool and fashionable.  White shirts, black jackets, and ties get pretty old.  I really like your jacket though!  And actually I love you!
Haha Lindy you funny you.  I'm sending you a mail mail today. :D
Adrianna Hopalina May, send me some mail!  I'll try to write you tooo!
Thanks Mom and Dad for writing, I love you both!
Seth!!!!!!! - 3 - (a kiss)
Baby!!!!!!! :P
I'm doing wellsomely and my companion and investigators are too.  Sometimes I get frustrated that missionaries aren't all as mature as I thought they would be, but I see miracles weekly and am constantly amazed by how awesome our members are.  And how well they cook. :[  ]  I haven't gained any weight in case you're wondering.  This week we watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (best movie ever [better than Dark Knight Rises])at a member's home with Karin.  Because of Karin's age I was worried that she would fall asleep in the middle of it, but as we watched the movie, I watched as both of the members whose home we were in dozed off, while Karin's eyes never strayed from the screen.  When we asked her what she thought of it, she just cried.  She still wants her son to understand before she is baptized, but she has a very strong testimony. 
Tell Megan to write me when she gets her call! 
Oh for my birthday, there's a new MOTAB album I really want!!  I think it's called Teach Me to Walk in the Light and it's all primary songs!!!!! 
I need to go now bye love you!

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