Monday, June 24, 2013

April 9, 2013
Subject: Transferred!

Yup it happened.  I'm now in the White City Ward, Central Point Stake.  It's pretty far from Salem.  This area is much more middle-of-nowhere than Salem too.  I like it. :D  I got double transferred in with Elder Haidenthaller who has only been out six weeks so I'm doing his follow-up training.  He's awesome.  This is my first real day being here so I don't know a whole lot about it yet, but we're gonna visit a lot of active and less-active ward members today so that'll help.  We don't have an apartment or a phone!  We're actually living on the street!  No just kidding, we're living with the Eagle Point missionaries in their tiny apartment and sharing their phone.  Eagle Point and White City have always been covered by one set of missionaries until this transfer, they just barely split it.  So one of the elders we're living with knows everything about our area and that's a big help.

Conference was sooo amazing.  One of my favorites was the one about how Jesus Christ is the source of peace.  He didn't bring world peace, but he brought peace to our hearts and our families.  I can't remember who that was though....  I also loved Elder Holland talking about how we can rely on our faith or our belief.  When we have doubts, we should start with what we DO know to be true and work from there.

Pleeeease record Seth talking.  I need to hear his jibber-jabber. :3

So Adri isn't going to Mozambique?

That's all for now!

Love you!

Elder Georgia

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