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December 8, 2012

My time at the MTC is coming to a close.  It's really weird to think about.  I'm about to ACTUALLY START BEING A MISSIONARY....  Woot!  So I've gotten lots of stuff from various people and I'll break it down so you know who I'm talking to.  None of it will be confidential though, so feel free to read the whole thing.

Mom:  Thanks so much for all the cookies. Stop. Please don't send more for now, I'm drowning in sugar. Stop. For Christmas I would also love to have my black/checkered slip-on shoes and some of my all-white socks, the ones in my drawer not the ones in Dad's drawer those are dross, so dross, or maybe I should just buy those things in Oregon. STOP.  I actually brought my letters today so I can answer your questions.  I haven't climbed a single tree or building while I've been here.  I went to the temple with my district which was awesome.  Things are all good.  Of course I'm keeping the rules, all except wearing flip-flops in the shower which I absolutely REFUSE to do (not that that's really a rule anyways, it's more of a guideline anyways).  I just got my hair cut!  That's cool that you got my room painted finally.  I hope you don't stress too much about the little chico.  He'll come to our family when he's ready to (maybe we'll get a baby boy for Christmas!  Our own babe wrapped in swaddling clothes! :D ) and I'm just annoyed that I won't get to see him for two years.  Or so.  I am SO excited for Christmas.  Missionary work is going to be AMAZING with all that Christmas cheer around.  Hey could you send me the list of people you send these e-mails to?  I also need Kristen's address, so you should bug somebody about it.  Thanks and love!

Dad:  That's really cool that you got to help with the sandy project!  I'm sure it was a super fun experience.  Hey did you send that one super secret thing I left with you before I got on the plane?  How's stuff going?

Luke:  You have to respond to my letter before I respond to yours.  Then I'll respond to both of them.  Actually in the two new districts we got in our zone, there's a bunch of missionaries going to D.C. South (you live in that mission right?) so definitely ask new missionaries if they know me.  In fact, an Elder Seal is going to D.C. South and he came from Oregon!  So we're trading homes!!! (actually he's from Portland which is right outside my mission, but you know, it's still cool) How do I sound different in my letters?

Adrianne: HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPYIDIDN"TFORGETYOURBIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  Did you get the extremely expensive birthday card I hand-picked specially for you and didn't put any effort into making myself? ;)

Seth: Doodoodoo.

Lindy: I'ma so glad you wrote me!  I'll write you back by snail-mail eventually!!!!  And thanks for the thumbprint cookies and fudge.  I almost died when I opened it. :3

Grandpa Shum:  That's awesome that you're doing missionary work too!  As part of our online missionary tasks we watched a video about how to find investigators through genealogy so that's really cool that you've been doing that!  Keep up the family history work!  That's missionary work also, and it's just as important as living missionary work!

Grandma Shum:  Thanks so much for the Christmas sweets, they're delicious!  Also thanks for keeping in touch!  I'm sorry to hear about Pete and Natalie.  Give them my love and tell them I pray for them.  The Brad Wilcox talk sounds interesting but I don't know yet if there's a rule about talks on cd.  Did you know I took a mission preparation class from Brad Wilcox at BYU?  It was really cool.  I'm glad to hear about the family history and well-doing just don't let it wear you out too fast!

AJ Shums:  I'm so happy to hear about the new addition!! (although I wanted you to name him Levi Daniel but you know...)  Seth will have lots of cousins to play with!  Brittany I got SO EXCITED when I heard about your decision to go on a mission.  Sister missionaries are the greatest!!!  As times get worse, it's becoming critical that more and more young people are endowed with power from on high.  I'm not sure how far along you are in the decision making process, but it's super awesome any way you look at it.  I'm definitely expecting a letter when you get your mission call. :)  Enoch, I'm really sorry that you're going through this pain.  I think about you often and pray for you daily.  I love all of you and hope everything goes well for you.

Walkers:  So I was kind of dumbstruck when I got those cupcakes.  That was right before I got a huge box of treats from Grandma and Lindy and then I just about died.  But it made me laugh. :D  I tried all of them and they're all amazingly delicious but I haven't gotten around to eating them all yet haha.  I'm so happy for you Hailey!!!!!!!!  I don't know any more about your mission stuff than I do about Brittany's so all the same things I said to her apply to you.  Write me when you get your call!  You'll be an amazing missionary!  I love you all!

Georgia fam:  I haven't heard much news from your side!  You can e-mail or dear elder if anything exciting happens!  Any babies born?  Any crazy family parties?  I would love to hear from any and all of you!  I also love any and all of you!

Everyone:  I love you!  Thanks for the letters, I will reply!

p.s. There's been some rumors (well, more than rumors really) that China will open up to missionary work soon.  Stay on the lookout. ;)

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