Monday, June 24, 2013

December 31, 2012

So last week we were looking through our potential investigator list and we saw a name that was circled and the info told us to try him again in January.  We decided that it was close enough to January so we went over to meet him.  I saw him on the phone through the front window and thought, "Great, he's just going to tell us he's busy," but we knocked on the door, he opened the door, looked at us, then told the person on the phone to call back and he invited us in.  He told us his name was Ryan and that he had been drinking, but he seemed very lucid.  He then proceeded to tell us his life story, that he had known and loved the LDS church his whole life, that a lot of bad stuff had happened to him lately, that missionaries had been stopping by all last year but he always told them that it wasn't a good time, and that it was amazing that we had come at that exact moment.  He kept telling us that he was receptive, that he had been wanting to go to church for a long time, and that he was ready to take whatever steps he needed to.  It was a very emotional and spiritual experience.  We hadn't known that Ryan needed us then, but God had known and He sent us.  We've had two appointments with him that have fallen through, and it turns out that he works every Sunday for about three months.  But whatever happens with Ryan, I know that that night we were in the right place at the right time, and I'm positive that he will eventually embrace the gospel and join the church.

Karin is getting baptized January 5th which is this Saturday. :)  We also finally had the first lesson with a hispanic woman named Martha who lives alone with her sixteen year old daughter.  The daughter wasn't there, but Martha seemed interested and receptive.  My favorite part of the lesson was after she had been telling us how she prayed a lot by herself and we tied that into how God is our literally our Heavenly Father and he loves us, and she said, "Oh is that why when I pray I feel so peaceful and good about myself?"  It totally clicked.  She isn't fond of organized religion but I think the mother and the daughter will both come this Sunday and see Karin getting confirmed!

It's really cold!  No hippies but we were informed that we were servants of the devil because we say that Lucifer is Christ's brother....  Like somehow that could degrade Jesus Christ.  I wanted to say, "So where did Lucifer come from you batty woman?  If he didn't come from God then he would have power equal to God's, which he doesn't.  But obviously God didn't create him evil so he must have fallen from glory, and you're a crazy witch!"  But I didn't.  I just tried to bear my personal testimony of the Savior but she shut the door.  Oh Babylon we bid thee farewell....

Elder Palmer IS great.  Insane, but all the best people are.

I love you all!  Have a Happy New Year!

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