Monday, June 24, 2013

June 10, 2013

So here in White City, we have these nasty things called goatheads.  They're a type of seed with wicked thorns growing out of them, and we get them stuck in our tires ALL the TIME.  Luckily the Browns (coolest people ever) have decided to open a specialty bike shop just for reparing missionary tires.  Yes!
Good job on the missionary work fam!  I like that you're not being pushy with the neighbors but you ARE getting them involved in spiritual atmospheres.
Reading Brittany and Hailey's e-mails made me sooo happy. :3  It's great to hear that they're both so excited for the work they're doing!

One of the Eagle Point elders just walked in randomly and said, "Just remember: If you ever feel like trash, God recycles."  I thought it was pretty profound haha.
Last week we were blessed with three new investigators!  1. Dave is the husband of an excommunicated woman in the ward who we had been teaching.  We lost contact with him for a while but last week we had a great meeting with him and we set up to meet with him every tuesday!  2. Jim is the Brown's neighbor (I think I talked about him, he's the spiritual leader of the Shasta Nation).  Elder Haidenthaller went over there on splits and brought a member who is also a veteran-part indian, and they hit it off.  3. We met Daniel a while ago on the street.  He gave us his address and we went over there a lot but couldn't get ahold of him.  Yesterday he was home and we talked and set up a return appointment!
I love being a missionary.  I'm learning that there will always be hard times, but if we push past those and focus on the blessings, life becomes a whole lot brighter!

Elder Georgia

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