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January 21, 2013

He-ey! (make sure you pronounce that right)

So not a whole lot really happened last week-actually a lot happened but I don't remember it.....  I think I'm getting old.  My memory is slipping. Which is why I've made a goal to write a little in my journal each night!  It's hard for me because whenever I do write I feel like I need to write seven pages and I never have time for that but I just need to write a little blurb about the day!1111

Enough of my pointless dilemmas.  This is transfer week but my companion and me are both staying yay!  Sister Schrishuhn(from my MTC district)'s companion is going to be a traveling sister and Sister Schrishuhn is training!  After six weeks!  I'm glad I get the full twelve weeks but I'll be ready to train after that!

Yes transfers are every six weeks, except for this transfer which will only be five (so I guess I don't get twelve) because they're shortening missions by a week!  I did get the package and the apple cider and chex mix was (* [] *).  Hey next time could you send me my slippers?  Either the moccasins or the slip-ons it doesn't matter.  If one of those are in use you can send the other pair.

Oh so last week (I remember things!) we got to teach seminary with another companionship!  They have release time here though so it wasn't in the morning.  But we taught the same thing to four different classes in a row, one hour each plus lunchtime.  We started out with a roleplay with me as the average highschooled non-mormon and Elder Bertagnoli as my mormon friend and he shared the BoM with me and asked if I wanted to learn more.  So then he called Elder Andes and Elder Palmer in and they taught the first lesson and committed me to be baptized.  Then we talked to the class about missions and preparing, and we gave them cards and committed them to give them to their friends. It was awesome.  One girl brought a friend, and this friend later told a priest in our ward who told us at dinner yesterday that it was better than the leadership class she had that day!

Seth is definitely my twin.  Don't let Sister Spencer take away your right to run around the halls Seth!!!  But don't get addicted to the telly.  That's no buenito.

It's very cold here.  If I had brought my camera I could have sent pictures of everything covered in ice, but I didn't so I can't.  However since we were upgraded to full car it's not bad.

That's really cool about Christian and Kayla!  Now there will be so many Ariases!

I don't know anything about any German Shepherds. :)

Luke, you're schooling sounds so awesome right now!  Don't take it for granted, you are one lucky boy.  And I'm glad you've finally converted to the Church of Fred!  Brother Toma will be fun also.  Study Preach My Gospel too!  I know you've already read it, but I'm pretty sure you don't remember a billionth part of all the awesomeness contained in that book because I sure didn't before I entered the MTC.  For my scripture marking I've been color coding topically from the colors in the top of the chapters of PMG especially chapter three.  It's very useful.

Aside from that, Karin didn't come to church again because she's still feeling bad.  She'll be visiting the doctor soon.  We've started teaching a less-active-part-member family who seem pretty awesome.  The husband (Doug) is a member whose parents are also in 2nd ward and we met the wife(Autumn)'s mother through street contacting and randomly learned that they were related.  Doug and Autumn have five kids all under the age of eight and they're very friendly and receptive.  She's going to be baptized she just doesn't know it yet.

Random Scripture Factoids: Guess what?  I live in Salem!  Salem is Hebrew for "peace" and Melchizedek was the priest/king of Salem anciently.  If the greater priesthood was named after him he had to be awesome.  But the children of Israel proved that they couldn't keep the higher covenants so they were given the lesser priesthood (Aaronic) preparatory to the Melchizedek priesthood, and the Law of Moses preparatory to the coming of Christ!  When Christ came he again bestowed the Melchizedek priesthood upon his servants who in turn as resurrected beings bestowed it on Joseph Smith!


Elder Georgia

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