Monday, June 24, 2013

February 11, 2013

It looks like I have a lot of congratulitudes to give!  Goooooooo Brittany!  Serving the Lord is the best!  It'll be fun for you and Hailey to be able to see each other in the MTC.  Neither of you are going to the BEST mission in the world, which is the Oregon Eugene, but you're both going to great places.  You'll love the east coast!  When's the report date and what's the actual mission name?

However fam, the white handbook states that, "Visits from family members, friends, and acquaintances are against Church policy."  So you won't be able to visit either of these lovely sister-missionaries-to-be, but it's cool that they're nearby.

Then I can hardly believe that there's another Arias!  That's crazy!  Congregations Nenna and Juan!  I can't wait to meet Ada (will she be at all like Eden???).  Keep me updated on the two distant Arias children.  In fact, Nenna you should e-mail sometime.  And mom you should have all the Arias children write me letters!

I'm glad you're involved in so many fun homeschooley things.  It sounds fun.

So about me, no Gale and Larry aren't true investigators.  They mostly just came to church because they're nice.  But two days ago we talked to Martha who is an investigator we had been really excited about teaching in the past, but she sent us a text saying she was really busy and we needed to let her contact us when she was ready.  So we hadn't talked to her for like four weeks, and we just decided to stop by.  She was there and we set up a time to meet with her like nothing had happened!  It was a nice little miracle.  President Young came and met Karin, which was pretty nice of him.  He says she just needs time and some strong friends in the ward and she'll choose to be baptized herself.  It's too bad that we haven't had any baptisms yet, but good things are happening and we'll be doing all we can to help our investigators to progress to baptism.  There's also a less-active couple, the Ridderbusches,  we've been visiting who are pretty awesome.  We hadn't really broached the will-you-let-us-teach-you-the-lessons question with them, but they had us over for dinner last week and Bro. Ridderbusch out of nowhere asked us if we could walk with them and their dogs every saturday morning and teach them the lessons.  Did I mention that everyone and their dog has dogs in Oregon?  Everyone.  But we were pretty super happy about that.

As to progressing investigators, we actually didn't count anyone as progressing this week because no one came to church!  But Karin is still strong, we're meeting with Autumn still, Stephanie too, Martha came back, there's another lady by the name of Linda we're teaching, Ryan is sort of non-existent but one of these days we'll get in contact with him, teach him the first three lessons and commit him to baptism, we've been sort of teaching a woman named Rachael but her and her house have been sick, We found a new lady named Laury(?) who we haven't been able to teach yet, oh and there's a 13 yr. old girl named Ashley who's been attending church with a family in the ward and her mother has given us her consent to teach Ashley and her sisters the lessons and her and her husband may sit in too.  Right now we're trying to see how much of the family we'll be able to meet with, but there are five or six families in our ward who are somehow connected to this family so there will be a lot of support in bringing them into the fold. :D  That's pretty much it.

Yeah my life is pretty great right now.  I'm still coughing up a storm but I feel all better aside from that.  The ward members take good care of us, and we've been teaching quite a few people.  Oregon is beauteous and it's really nice now that it's gotten warmer, I can't wait for summer. :3  I hope you all have a happy Valentine's day, remember that my love fer all'yall is truer than stuff.

Elder Georgia

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