Monday, June 24, 2013

November 19, 2012

Hiya darling family!
First day at the MTC = awesome!  It was pretty confusing, sometimes intimidating,but overall it was fun.  I LOVE my companion (I am required to say that ;-)  The food is exactly like Cannon Center food.  I've seen Elder Erekson, Elder Scholes (from the CV 1st ward), and some guys from school.  I'm still way confused about what I'm actually going to be doing, but I look forward to it all.  Oh yeah and my departure date is Dec. 12th -- I'm actually here for four weeks because of Thanksgiving.  Well, that's pretty much it.  I'm going to work really hard and have lots of fun.  I love you all.
So it's now the third day and I thought I should just add a bit more to this.  Last night I was called to be District Leader.  My head almost burst open... There's SO much I have to do and I can still hardly find my way around.  But it's pretty cool too.  I love my district so I'm sure it will be fun and it's not like I'm doing this alone.  My comp was called as the senior companion and the other two elders in our room are the Zone Leaders, which makes reporting really easy.  My branch president is awesome -- he's barely 5 feet tall -- and of course the Lord is here for me so I don't need to worry.  Oh, and it looks like I can email on Saturday so you'll probably get the email before this letter.
Ta-ta for now! 

I am LOVIN' the MTC!  It's awesome.  My compe is Elder Benard and yes he's going to my same mission.  There are six elders and four sisters in my district and they're all amazing people.  I've been called as the DL which is interesting........  Yet awesome.  There is NO MUSIC ALLOWED except for our singing of course which we do all the time.  My teachers are the best and the Spirit is so strong here.   

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