Monday, June 24, 2013

March 25, 2013

Subject: Chronicles of Karinia
Karin did not get baptized yesterday (two days ago).  On Friday at district meeting we found out that the Pringle Ward sister missionaries had a baptism scheduled for 1:00, the same time as Karin's.  We called the baptismal font scheduler we had talked to before and we found out that she was the baptismal font coordinator for Monmouth Stake!  We live in the Salem Stake!  So we rescheduled the baptism for 2:15 and started calling everyone in the ward to tell them about the time change, then we thought that maybe we should call Karin herself.  When I told her what happened she said, "Actually, I was thinking we should call it off."  Sigh.
We went over there that night to talk to her about it.  We were really hoping that we could talk her into it, and the lesson was super spiritual.  Karin told us she knew that it was right and she really wants to be baptized, but she says she needs to talk to her son about it again to make sure he's okay with it.  I don't think that Laurence would really have a problem with it, I think that the adversary is just trying to make her afraid.  I believe that Karin will be baptized it might just take a while.  Sister Gyebi-Quarcoo in our ward was telling us that when she was being converted, she didn't cancel her baptism, she just didn't show up to it!  She did that three times!  Then one day she just decided to show up to church and she asked to be baptized then.  Everyone came out of sacrament meeting to watch her be baptized!  Haha I can only imagine how her poor elders felt.  Anyways, we'll continue to work with Karin.
MIRACLE(S) OF THE WEEK:  We have been having a hard time finding new investigators.  We set a goal to find two this last week, which is a fairly low goal.  Monday night after P-Day, we tried to visit an investigator but he wasn't home.  So we decided to knock on the doors around his house.  No one was really interested, and we were about to get in the car when Elder Tandy said he had seen a lady walking her dog and kids and that she had turned in to a house and that we should knock on it.  We went over there and a boy answered the door so we asked for a parent, he said hold on, then we heard this ferocious barking.  This tiny little monster (some kind of rottweiler-dachsund) came running out and we heard, "No don't touch him!"  As I was bending down to try to keep him from running away.  The woman of the house grabbed the dog so I fortuitously escaped mutilation, and we started out the door approach laughing which is a nice change.  We smoothly transitioned into introducing the Book of Mormon, what it is and why it's so important.  We said a prayer with her on her doorstep and she was happy to set up a return appointment.  After that, we visited a lady I had talked to with Elder Palmer who didn't seem really interested in religion, but that night she was very receptive, she said we had caught her at a good time because of spring break and we set up an appointment with her directly after the other lady's.  Their names are Tawnya and Laurie respectively, and we're visiting both of them tonight. :D
It has been spring for a while! (see attachments) but it's not real warm and the rain is super sporadic and annoying.  Not that I mind the rain, but you can never tell if it will be sunny or rainy because it will probably be both.   

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