Monday, June 24, 2013

January 7, 2013

Well unfortunately Karin was not baptized on Saturday.  She isn't being supported in her decision by her son in Germany who is her only family in the whole world and she just wasn't feeling up to it.  We hope that by this Saturday she can be peaceful about her decision to be baptized.  She knows the church is true, and she was interviewed by a Zone Leader and pronounced ready for baptism, but she's just too down right now.  She hasn't even let us visit in a while.  But never fear!  The Lord is still preparing her, and I know that she will receive the fullness of the Gospel.

Hey so you know those flavored honey sticks they have at Cox Farms and other places?  Well the owners of that company are IN MY WARD!  They're super awesome.  The father of the family invented them and the whole family is in the business.  They ship them all over America and to a bunch of other countries!  Yep my ward has a lot of famous people. :3

Missionary work is going well!  we've found a few new investigators who may turn out to be very interesting.  Yesterday on this one street through tracting we found one man who couldn't talk to us because he was taking care of his sick wife, but he's Muslim and he believes in all religions!  Yeah that will be cool.  A little farther down the street there was a young guy named Justin who was pretty interested (which is unusual in itself).  He said he had attended a Mormon church once with his friend when he was younger, had read some of the Book of Mormon, and that he always noticed the "Mormons" who walked around in the rain and didn't care (the missionaries).  So yeah we'll go back there.  Oh and next door-it was like a duplex or something-Justin's father answered the door, said his wife was mormon but he was catholic and that they would probably both be interested in reading the Book of Mormon.  Two Book of Mormons, one house! :D

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