Monday, June 24, 2013

February 18, 2013

So I titled this e-mail this because there's a really good teriyaki place in our area called Love Love Teriyaki AND because it was just Valentine's Day AND because I love love you.

I did feel very loved on Valentine's Day!  I got packages from Mom and from the Nelsons-which contained an extremely rare Adrianne letter!!!  Thanks so much for the love and sugar!

Last night at 6:30 we got to go to a fireside presented by Walter Rane! It was amazing.  I really want to spend the rest of my life painting now.  He's my favorite gospel artist, not just because he's in my ward, he's just the best.  However every time I look at a Walter Rane painting I will remember my first mission area.  Not only does the painter live here, but I'll be able to find the faces of the members of my ward throughout his amazing works. :D

I've learned that missionaries are to deep doctrine like flies are to honey.  Myself included.  We spend all day thinking about doctrine, we study the scriptures and PMG every day, then when we meet a knowledgeable ward member who starts talking about the deepest of the deepness, we can't pull ourselves away.  Haha it's the best.

In case anyone is interested this last week we taught the highest combined number of lessons ever!  Disclaimer: this only applies to lessons taught by me and my comp within the last two transfers.

People in Oregon are really good cooks....

Well this e-mail is about as random as it's going to get!  I better go!

Love love Elder Georgia

p.s. I don't really appreciate all the pictures of Seth that I can't see his face in....  Luke and the Ariases are cute though.  The one of Seth running away IS pretty great too.  Here's some pictures from me!  This is that Book of Mormon I told you about.

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