Monday, June 24, 2013

April 29, 2013

We did get a new apartment!  We'll move in this week.  It's an apartment on the top floor of a lady in our ward, so they've gotta build an outside entrance before we can live in it and they're doing that right now and it'll be done soon.  But it's right in White City so if we have to bike again we won't kill ourselves, the apartment is fully furnished, the rent was pretty cheap but it will help out the old lady, and we won't have to study on the floor anymore!  I'm pretty excited.
Guess what!  I wasn't really sick, I just suddenly have awful allergies!  So I'm medicated now.  But I hear that this valley and the Willamette valley are the worst places in the world for allergies.
This week we had a really good experience that helped me understand just how important listening is.  We visited Sister Steen, a less-active lady whose husband and stepson aren't members and she just had so much to tell us about them and how she thinks we can help them to live the gospel and eventually she got into talking about herself and her testimony and why she isn't active in the church.  Listening does not mean being silent!  You've got to give affirmation that you're listening, and when the Spirit directs you can make a comment, ask a question, or give an insight, but when someone has a lot to say you let them carry on most of the conversation.  That is when the Spirit is strongest, when you are actively listening to the thoughts of their hearts.  We're also having good lessons with the Oddo's (the bear-slayers).  Brother Oddo is continuing to progress, to read the Book of Mormon and to ponder on it.  We'll continue to work on the prayer part.  They came to church yesterday for the first time since we've been here and brought their two daughters.  Sister Steen was there also.

I loved the package, thanks!  It was super awesome and made me laugh.  Don't worry mama your birthday is not forgotten!  It'll be late, but my love will come in a box!  Seth's laughter is so appreciated. :3

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