Monday, June 24, 2013

April 15, 2013
Subject: Jerusalem to Minas Tirith

Dear People,
I'm still living in a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment with three other elders.  So mom you should probably just send the package to the mission office address because who knows when we'll find a new apartment.  Elder Heidenthaller and I solely cover the White City ward which we were able to attend for the first time yesterday.  It was awesome!  The talks were pretty much right from PMG on the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation.  A bunch of the less-actives and a few investigators we had met during the week showed up for sacrament. :D  Our Ward Mission Leader is pretty great.  Him and his family kind of remind me of the Nelsons.  The kids are homeschooled and are really smart.  We had Ward Council after church and it seemed like it was straight out of the District videos.  They used the progress record as the main agenda and then they discussed how they could help the less actives and part member families and others in need of help, instead of a bunch of useless things.  It was way cool.
President Young has recently asked us to invite members to pray for streets for us to tract.  As I wrote this I realized that this is something we should start doing in our new area.  Everything's pretty far apart here, and good tracting streets are few and far between.  Inspiration!
I definitely can't watch any Youtube, I just want Seth to be recorded for when I get back so I can laugh at him then muahaha.  Anything else is too complicated.
Worst thing ever!  My camera's totally broke!  Can you send it a little moolah?  No but really, when I try to turn it on it just says, "lens failure" and turns back off.  Saddest of days!  Whatever canst be done??  I might just buy a cheapo kind.
Hahaha this is random, but we've been borrowing a gps from another elder because neither I nor my companion have one and there's no way we could get anywhere without it (we have enough problems getting around as it is).  But for the longest time we thought it couldn't talk because it wasn't high-tech enough, and it didn't have a mount, so Elder H would just hold it and tell me where to go.  Then just yesterday we discovered that all we had to do was turn up the volume....  So we did and it had this Australian man's voice!  It talked just like one of our AP's from Australia so we named it Elder Mckenzie after him.  It says, "turn left on Highway 65," and we say, "Blimey! Thanks Mckenzie!"  Oh pointless paragraph.
K.  So we have some really great people to work with here.  We're teaching the Oddo family, Sister Oddo had had her records removed but she wants to come back, and Brother Oddo is investigating with a very open mind. :)  He's not someone I would like to meet at night in a cage surrounded by cheering crowds though.  Haha he's an MMA fighter with a neck more broad than my shoulders and tattoo's all up his arms.  He is also a bear hunter, a bull rider, and a racecar driver.  The whole family is pretty great.  Their daughter who's about six was playing catch with me the other day and she started saying, "Hey dad, I mean missionary...."  So I'm already a father.
Another awesome family is the Steens.  The wife is a super nice less-active member, the husband is an extremely argumentative but fun nonmember who has taken the lessons millions of times but has never joined, and his son is being really introduced to the church for the first time.  Steen junior believes more in religion being between God and oneself, but he really likes that we ask him to read the Book of Mormon and find out for himself of its truth and divinity.  He says everything he's been taught so far just makes sense.  So I'm pretty excited for him, and I think that Steen senior will come around eventually.  Then Sister Steen will be able to have an eternal family! :D
So things are going pretty great here.  I hope that this e-mail was long enough for you mom.  I love you all,
Elder Georgia

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