Monday, June 24, 2013

May 28, 2013

Hey you know the book Seth was reading about ducks and numbers?  Well right as soon as I got off Skype with you guys the little boy whose house we were at brought up a book for me to read to him, and it was the exact same book!!!  This boy was like five though so it wasn't as awesome.  I was gonna tell you guys but I forgot.
President Young told us this awesome story, and I relate:  In the mission there was an investigator who had been investigating the church for FOURTY-TWO YEARS.  This person finally got baptized recently, and they entirely credit this decision to a barely out from the MTC sister missionary who wasn't even called to this mission.  She was only here because she was waiting for a visa to go to Denmark or something.  God sends us to specific places to meet specific people, we may not understand it, but He does.
Another cool fact about White City, it started out as Camp White, a military base used during World War 2!  The city still uses a few of the old military buildings and out in some of the farms there's these old abandoned bunkers they used to practice in-field combat in.  They also kept a lot of German prisoners-of-war here.
I've been doing good!  We've been getting a lot of potentials through tracting.  I was again very glad that our companionship didn't change as we were able to set transfer goals that built on and expounded on last transfer's goals.  A few of our goals were to have three baptisms this transfer, and when we visit members to always have a message to share with them, as opposed to just dropping in.  This goal kind of came from an elderly couple in our ward who find it difficult to make it to church due to health.  They really enjoy us stopping by and so we were quite often and we were sharing a scripture with them each time.  After a few weeks they started thinking of family members, neighbors, and friends, they could invite to hear the gospel.  Because of them, we've already been able to get two new investigators, we're going to meet another one this week, and they have some other friends they're thinking of inviting in the future.  Yay!
Love you a bunch, sorry I haven't been writing very much.

Elder Georgia

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