Monday, June 24, 2013

May 6, 2013

I feel like my birthday just keeps continuing.  I just got some love from the Georgia side of the family, I will respond individually!  Yes Mother the camera came too and it's awesome!  I thought I mentioned it already, but it's super nice.
I'm aware of the time spent on my mission already, but I try not to think about it.  It seems like it couldn't possibly be that long!  We're still living in Eagle Point but we should be moving in our new apartment this week.  Possibly tomorrow.  But because of the desperate need to have some space, we've been helping out on the stairs-building project.  We spent a few hours almost every day last week staining cedar green.  The green stain is actually really pretty when done right (it took us a while to master it).  For some reason the whole time we spent staining the semi-flesh-colored wood green, I had Wicked songs stuck in my head.  "Like a froggy, ferny, cabbage, the baby is unnaturally... GREEEEEN!!!"  I thought of you Adrianne.
That's awesome that you stalked me to Senor Sam's!  That place is the best! (actually it kind of just makes me miss Cafe Rio)  We sometimes go there after District Meetings which are at the Central Point Stake Center which is right next to the Medford Temple!
I like the Baby story.  She's so silly.  You should send some pictures!
Luke!  Be in the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat!  That would be the best!  Well, try out for it anyways.  What do you have to lose?  You have tons to gain!  I would think you were cool!  JK I always thought you were cool.
Soooo remember the hacky-sack people?  Well we went back on saturday but only the woman was there, she told us that just before we had stopped by the week before, her (Kristina) and her husband (Levi) had been talking to Levi's 11 yr-old brother who lived with them, (Garrett) and they found out that Garrett doesn't know anything about God or Jesus Christ!  He's heard people say the names (probably profanely) but he doesn't actually know who they are.  Levi and Kristina don't go to church but they definitely believe in God, so they were a bit concerned about that.  Then when we played hacky-sack with them and asked if we could come back to share a message it was perfect timing!  So monday we went over there and sat outside to talk to them. We taught simply about the Plan of Salvation and the nature of God and Jesus Christ.  It was cool.
We also had a way good lesson with Bro. Oddo on Monday.  Right after we said the opening prayer he started talking about how much he had liked the Bishop's wife's talk and the conversation transitioned perfectly into what we had planned on teaching!  It turned into kind of a testimony meeting with us, the member we brought, and Bro. Oddo all talking about the influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives.

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