Monday, June 24, 2013

February 4, 2013
So it looks like the whole nation is ill.  I've been sick for about two days now.  Yesterday I was able to drag myself out of bed for sacrament, but we left after that so I could sleep more.  I'm fine, I'm just coughing and have a bit of a headache.  It's lucky that today is p-day so I'm not wasting too much time.  Hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow!
Miracle of the week!  So on Saturday I went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders.  One of them, Elder Thompson, came with me into my area which made me nervous because I'm still trying to figure out how to get around.  But we taught some lessons and then we were tracting a street and Elder Thompson was a really good example of talking to everyone we saw.  So we got e few return appointments and we were thinking of heading back when Elder Thompson started citing a statistic that one in a thousand people we talked to would join the church but if we used the name of a member they knew it went up to eighty in a thousand.  We were near the house of the Relief Society President who had just gotten released and we made a decision to talk to the house next door to her.  We were walking down the sidewalk and right as we were going past the front door a girl in her twenties opened the door and came out talking to us excitedly.  Neither I nor my companion understood her at first.  We were probably in shock.  But we went up to her and she was saying, "I was just about to leave but we can talk if you want to."  We couldn't go inside because her parents weren't there, but we agreed wholeheartedly and began to teach her about The Book of Mormon and The Restoration.  Her name's Cassie.  It turned out that she was taking an American religions class in college that talked about Mormonism.  She had heard good things and bad things about Mormons but she said she had never met a Mormon she didn't like.  Her parents knew their mormon neighbors and she knew they had always been nice.  She was very interested in learning from us so we set up a return appointment for thursday.  So we had an investigator come running to our arms, which is something that doesn't happen very often!  Unfortunately she's twenty and single, so we have to turn her over to the singles ward elders.....  It's okay though!  The spirit is what converts anyways!  Not us.  And as long as she can come into the fold of God I'm happy.
Well I can't really remember anything else that happened right now...  But it was a great week and I'm sure I'll get better soon so I can continue to serve!
Au Revoir!  I love you all!

Elder Georgia.

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