Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 29, 2014 ;-)

Dear Humans,

More Lakeview facts! Yup we've got a car. We drive four hours every
week to get to and from district meeting in Klamath but I enjoy the
drive. We do have the Area Book Planner app on our iPads so all the
info is synced in when we get transferred. The sisters left some nice
notes and a TON OF JUNK! Sorry to certain Sisters Shumway and Walker,
but sisters can be way grosser than elders. |( ̄3 ̄)| Did I already
complain about that? We spent most of today cleaning. It's beautiful
now though.

We went to the Medford temple!! I flipped out when I realized we were
in White City on the way there. I could even see my apartment! At the
temple I saw Bro. And Sis. Marks from Brookings and Bro. Brown from
White City working there, and Sis. Rushton had driven up the
missionaries from Brookings so I got to see her too. It was great. I
love to see the temple!

Missionary work is going great. One of our awesome investigator
couples had a random big concern about Joseph Smith being a Mason, she
had looked into temple stuff online and saw a resemblance to masonry,
and she actual used to be a mason and had terrible experiences with
them. So she was all upset, we sent a text saying we didn't know all
the answers, we knew the church was true through the Holy Ghost and
such, (this was going through texting) and we went over to talk to
them. When we got there she told us that she had already come to a
conclusion through prayer that she didn't need to worry about the
mason stuff, but she was still concerned about the temple. She was
afraid of the unknown, of covenants she may not be able to keep, she
wanted information, we told her we would get back to her because I
wanted to ponder over how much we could share before I said something
stupid and we had to head down to Klamath to stay the night with the
zone leaders. But Elder Porter made a really strong point that
everyone needs to rely on faith at some point. So we left, but as we
were driving down she texted us and said, (paraphrased) "We've decided
to rely on faith and on our testimonies of the restored gospel. There
is no need for you to answer my questions." I just felt so
overwhelmed. The Spirit truly does change and soften people's hearts.

We've been finding new people to teach, whether it's just finally
meeting people the sisters were teaching, or new people, so life is

Elder Georgia

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