Sunday, August 3, 2014

May 6, 2014 Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hi peoples!

This week was pretty great. We had the nicest weather, such a good
break from rain. On the 29th I waited till the evening to open my
package, we got to spend about two hours cleaning off the Hendersons
roof which was the perfect thing to do on my birthday because I LOVE
the Hendersons and I got to wear shorts.  then our ward mission
leader had us over that night and they made this awesome dessert, kind
of like a Dutch baby with creamy filling and chocolate and caramel
sauce on top. Then when we got back I opened my wonderful package,
thankshomuch! I love new garments. And everything else was perfect. I
made the cake and it's beeootifull!!!! And way good, I love the lime.

On Wednesday we were visiting some Less Actives, and we had just
invited a family to dodgeball and were heading out when a guy on a
bike yelled at us from across the street and biked towards us. He was
obviously homeless. He had this bag of Halloween bat and pumpkin
shaped pretzels that he said someone had given him but he couldn't eat
because he, "got no teeth", and they, "would cut the (spiritual death)
out of his gums". So he gave them to us. They expired in February so
we're just going to enshrine them on top of the fridge for forever.

We got to help our downstairs neighbors move, they're really awesome
siblings: Jim and Debra, African-American, 40'sish, and super nice.
They just moved to another apartment in our complex cuz their apt. got
flooded. It was interesting though because our apartment checkers, the
Johnstons, said they had talked to Jim and Debra before and were
fellowshipping them. So it was good.

Elder Georgia

p.s. I wrote this yesterday then I didn't send it.......


"To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of
death, to guide our feet into the way of peace." Luke 1:79

The call to come unto Christ resonates with my heart and soul.
Everything I have come to know about Christ is beautiful to me. The
story of His birth, of His life, of His death, and His resurrection,
as it is found in the Bible, along with the added truths we know of
Him from modern revelation, of his premortal existence, His advent in
the Spirit World, and His work He continued as a resurrected glorified
being from His ascension to these last days.

Yet sometimes I have wondered, did He really live? Does He now truly
live? Was Christ really who He said He was? How can I learn to fully
put my trust in Him?

The heavens bear record of all things, and their cycles are analogous
to life. I lived with God. His full presence and glory was like the
light of the sun. So warm it burns and so radiant it's too bright to
look at. Life is like the twilight sinking into night. We must leave
the warmth of God's presence and find our way in the dark. Become
subject to the fall, and become separated from God. However, as
twilight turns to night, one by one His stars come out. We come to
know His truths line upon line, one at a time, until our lives once
dark, are filled with the glorious patterns of His plan that we can
use to navigate our way back home.

The most important truth we can come to know, is that Jesus Christ
truly died for us to lead us back to our Heavenly Father.

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