Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 21, 2014 Bum ba, ba badabadadaaaa!! Bum badada, badumba! Ba baaaa badumba, ba bumbadadaaaa, baaaa da!!!

You are correct that this town is very cowboy, there are most definitely a lot of cows, but you're talking about the wrong missionary! Let me tell you a little about my new companion:

Elder Porter is from Heber Arizona which is not too far from Snowflake. His family owns like a 4000 acre ranch with 4000 cows. Elder Porter is into bull riding and steer wrestling. He got like four scholarships for football. He is also quite an accomplished welder. So he landed in the perfect spot!
He fits in perfectly here! He's also an awesome missionary, he knows
his scriptures, he's pretty confident, and yet I am amazed yet again
how big a shift it is from regular life to mission life. Everything is
completely different! From eating dinner to talking on the phone,
everything is done a special way on the mission so everything needs to
be explained. It's quite the task but I love it. Pictures will follow.

LAKEVIEW IS GORGEOUS. The drive from Eugene to Klamath Falls was
incredible, we stayed he night with the zone leaders (one of them came
out the transfer after me into my district so we were in training
together and I haven't seen him much since so it's awesome to be in
his zone), then the drive from Klamath to Lakeview was even more
gorgeous. We got to see the transformation from green forest to
rolling farmland to desert and you know what it reminded me of?
HYRULE!!!! I could have sworn I was driving through Hyrule Field. Then
Lakeview reminds me of Kakariko Village, especially because there's
all these awesome creepy abandoned houses that look exactly like the
ones in the village. That last section was pretty much entirely for
Luke. Pictures will follow.

On Saturday we got two baptisms. Annabelle who's 8 and Cheyenne who's
12. We met them the day before to discuss the final plans so we could
make the programs, and they were just so excited to be baptized. So
ready. Their parents are returning members. The baptism went
beautifully! The girl's grandpa baptized them and their uncle did the
confirmation. Their parents gave the talks in baptism and the Holy
Ghost, and they did such a good job. The Spirit was awesome. Pictures
will follow.

Later that day we attended a ward barbecue where we met an
investigator couple named the Christleys who told us they wanted to
meet with us to discuss their baptism that they would like to take
place on August 9th but they're open to change that. They have a
challenge I shall not disclose, but please pray for them that all will
go according to plan and they can be baptized on their chosen date. We
met with them again tonight and taught them a lesson and the Spirit
was so powerful.

I'm emailing in the evening because we spent pretty much our whole
p-day doing service for another investigator! It was great.

Our apartment is so adorable. Pictures will follow.

In case you're wondering about the title of this email, have Lucha
chuuchy sing it for you to the main tune of the herein contained
videogame reference.

We get to go to the temple this week wooooooooot! Not the water
temple, the Medford temple!

I loves y'all! People here talk very properly....

Elder Georgia

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