Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 14, 2014 One Short Day Has Come To A Close

Transfers! I'm going to Lakeview! Double transferring in, kicking out
the sisters, and training. So I'm in Eugene, waiting around with some
other elders. Tomorrow we'll begin training and such and Wednesday
we'll pick up our brand new missionaries. Pray for my trainee!

Make sure you look up Lakeview, it is literally in the middle of
nowhere. They told me it's the farthest area from the mission home and
we're about two hours away from any other missionaries. I hear that
the ward (or branch) is amazing though. I'm super excited! It's going
to be way different but way good. I'm also excited to train again,
it's my favorite thing to do cuz it helps me be the best missionary I
can be.

I hope to give you the news of Cindy and Mitch's baptisms as I receive it!

Saying goodbyes yesterday was sad, but I'm grateful for Facebook!

Love you all tons! Give the kittles kisses from me!

Elder Georgia

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