Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 2, 2014 Good Week

Allo Fam!

Earlier this week we were asked to give a blessing by a less active
couple to their son who was in the hospital for appendicitis, he was
going in to surgery at 2:00 but we had a meeting with some other
missionaries to plan out our community family night and it went over.
Then we got to the hospital and parked in a lot, then went looking for
the emergency entrance but we walked the wrong way around the whole
building almost back to where we started to get to the entrance and
right as we got there the sisters (who are the ones teaching the
family) walked out and said he had just gone into surgery. We got a
call a few days later that he was doing worse so he wanted us to come
again to give him a blessing so Elder Hanssen went there on splits and
had a good experience with him. A while later we got another call that
he had gone into respiratory arrest and his mom just happened to find
him not breathing and they got a bunch of doctors on him. He literally
died and was able to be brought back. It's interesting because when
Elder Hanssen gave him the blessing he really wanted Hanssen to say he
would be miraculously healed and made all better, but Hanssen wasn't
prompted to say that, he just blessed him that the doctors would be
able to find out what was wrong. And that's exactly what happened. We
went to see him again on Sunday and he was awake and sitting up, he
told his story so funnily he had us and the sisters and the bishopric
member all cracking up. He's an ex marine who broke his leg then ran
for a mile, but he said the pain from his appendix bursting was the
worst thing he had ever felt. He told us that he had been away from
the church for a long while but he still had a testimony and planned
on coming back when he was in town. But he spends ten months out of
the year mining in Lakeview for sunstones, Oregon's state gemstone!

That was a good story. Long but good.

We taught Mitch this week! It was great! He read the chapter we left
him twice but said he hadn't felt the same thing he felt during our
lesson. We explained more about revelation and that we couldn't tell
him exactly HOW he would get an answer, just that he would. He's so
great, we love him.

Jordan Henderson got baptized on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the
most fantasticest ever. Bro. Henderson performed the baptism, he had
gotten the priesthood the Sunday before. He had one practice baptism
then he dunked her again without saying the prayer but the third time
WAS the charm. Elder Carroll and I sang "When I Am Baptized" without
practicing once beforehand but it worked out. Bro. Henderson came into
the chapel a while after Jordan, and the guy conducting was like,
"It's the first time a woman beat a man getting dressed" and everyone
laughed, but i was right behind Bro. Henderson and I heard him say
very softly, "I had to take a moment." It meant so much to him. We
confirmed Jordan the same night and us elders got to stand in on the
circle. It was great. And Jordan just looked so happy. I didn't get a
picture with them cuz we were late! But I'll get one before I leave

So today is transfers! And Carroll and I are staying yaaaay! But we're
kicking Hanssen back to first ward and it will be so great to just
focus on sixth ward.

That's All Folks!

Love you.

Elder Georgia

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