Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 9, 2014 Idunnowhattotitlethisemailivebeenrunningoutofideasforalonglonglongtime.

It's cool you sent me FHE ideas cuz we're planning as a zone to send
around FHE signups and teach their friends! So we needed ideas shanks!

My June is fabulous. We taught Mitch last week! We taught him the
first half of the plan of salvation using tons of scriptures. I think
it went over his head a bit?

Our mission president has given us a new directive. It really isn't
new but he's put a lot more emphasis on it. We're out to find
families. We had a ZTM all about that and it's really shifted my
thoughts about missionary work. It's. It that we won't accept single
people into the church, but it's so much simpler and more powerful for
a whole family to enter the waters of baptism at the same time, to
strengthen and support each other as they begin their journey to the
temple and eternal life as a family. It's cool because after that
we've seen a bunch of prospective teaching families on the horizon,
don't know what it will take for them to investigate, but they're
definitely there. We went family finding the day after and the second
door we knocked on was a shortish man with a ball cap and eyebrow
piercings (everyone in Oregon has tattoos or piercings somewhere, I
can no longer remember if it's the same in ol' Virginny) who waved us
in while talking on the phone. He identified himself as Jared and said
he worked for a bunch of Mormons and really respected them. He has a
lot of undefined notions about God, we gave him a Plan of Salvation
pamphlet and he said we could drop by whenever. So that was cool.

Mom I have a task for you to complete! Will you email me when you
complete it? There's a lady in the 1st ward who we had dinner with who
homeschools her kids and she was asking me about different programs I
liked for different subjects and I said she should just talk to you so
would you message her on Facebook for me and give her some advice?
She's in my friends list. Her name is Jenni (I think it's spelled like
that) Cragun.

LOVE is all you need. The Beatles or something?

Elder Georgia

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