Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 30, 2014 Dear People

I'm writing you now as I wait to meet my new mission president,
President Russell. A little nervous, but excited for newness and

This week we taught Walt and Cindy and it was fantastic! We taught the
first half of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so through Christ we can be
cleansed from sin, faith, and repentance. We showed two sequential
bible videos, to this end was I born, and my kingdom is not of this
world, that I highly recommend. At the end Cindy was crying and she
said she just felt so light inside and so loved. :D sometimes a smile
is all you can use to explain how you feel about something.

Go Adr! Honorary sister missionary!

Next up in Your Weekly Missionary Email: Meeting President and Sister Russell!

So we met the Russells! It was a super spiritual meeting. You could
definitely see how the mantle of leadership had passed to President
Russell. He had the same... Aura? As President Young, but he's way
different. He speaks gently and simply, and he reminds me a little bit
of Elder Scott. His wife is like a spiritual bomb, she's very
businesslike and energetic. The coolest thing I learned was when
President Russell put three things on the board and asked us to order
them in what our level of focus should be. It was investigators,
companion, and self. I thought, oh we should focus mainly on our
investigators, then our companion and we should forget about
ourselves. But he said we need to focus on ourselves first, that we
need to develop spiritually before we can help others. That made
sense, but on pondering it a little I realized that yes, we need to
come first. But our motivation for self improvement needs to be from
our love for our investigators and our companion!

Oh mom I forgot to tell you, my allotment card isn't working so I've
been using my home card for everything for the past three weeks or so.
They said they would send me a new one but I haven't got it yet.

I love you all! The circle of our love extends beyond the reach of
time! Beyond the span of days and years it goes forever! If you know
what I'm quoting send me a shoutout! (Cuidado: this is a scam to get
you to email Elder Georgia)

Elder Georgia

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