Sunday, August 3, 2014

May 26, 2014 Yay for Stuff!

Hi lovelies!

So I like Facebook a lot, our Facebook rules are extremely limited now
we can only get one once a week for like 15 minutes, but I like to get
the good news. I got a message sent to a bunch of elders on Facebook
from a girl named Mariahn who was down in Brookings. She was taught by
the other elders but we got to know her and teach her too. She said

Thank you guys for teaching me and helping through my lessons I was
baptized April 26 ( a week after my birthday) but I wasn't able to get
a picture till just now. I've had so much experiences in the last
month that I'm overwhelmed by the hold ghost haha I've gone on splits
with the sisters, given a few talk (once in sacrament meeting with the
sisters), graduated seminary, and I am now the young women's secretary
and so many more things I also got my patriarchal   blessing yesterday
and now I feel on fire to read scriptures and be awesome haha thank
you for everything elders!

She sent a picture of her baptism too. It made my week.

The other nice Facebook thing was the Lawtons, who I definitely told
you about, finally came to church and Bro. Lawton made a nice post
about it. They didn't go the whole time I was in Brookings.

So we weren't able to meet with Mitch this week, he was too busy
winning state track records with his fellowshipper. In fact we didn't
meet with a lot of people, but it was good. We're probably losing
Elder Hanssen soon which will actually be good, it's so much harder to
plan for two separate areas, and we have too much fun together.

But! If you buy five cumplaintos! We did meet one very exciting person
this week! The 2nd ward elders met a lady on a bike trail who had read
some of the Book of Mormon and was excited to read and learn more, so
they set up an appointment with her, but she lives in our area so they
told us to just go over instead, so we showed up on Saturday and she
had completely forgotten we were coming but she said to come back
Tuesday at 7 when her husband and kids would be home and she would
feed us dinner! Our minds were blown. We accepted. Pray it goes well!

Tell Lindy to check her email!!! I'm not sure if it went through!

I love you more than a thousand burning suns!


How do I know these things of the man called Christ? I did not live at
a time to hear His voice or see His face, but I feel His goodness in
all the world around me, and He speaks to me in the words of His
servants who have lived and died for Him throughout the history of the

I know there is light in this world.  The earth and nature herself are
unspeakably beautiful and glorious.  Light itself in its radiance and
illumination tells of the power and glory of its source.  In the eyes
and souls of my fellow men and women I see a light which tells me of
the power of human love, the glory of intelligence, and the inherent
divinity in all of us.

Just as when a ray of light suddenly illuminates your surroundings,
you know it has a source, I know there is a source to this light in my
life.  I read the words of Christ, telling me that He is this source,
and I know them to be true.

"��Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the
world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have
the light of life." John 8:12

Elder Quinn Georgia

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