Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 16, 2014 ?

This week randomly decided to become colder and wetter again, but we
avoided being rained on mostly which was nice. We weren't able to
teach Mitch, but we're going to play volleyball with him today!

We did however teach a new investigator! Cindy was taught the first
lesson by missionaries a few years ago but then dropped off. She is
the girlfriend of a member named Walt who hadn't been to church in a
long time. He got hit by a car on his motorcycle but got away with a
broken leg and some back pain which is much better than it could have
been. So his home teacher invited us to come with him to give Walt a
blessing. The next Sunday Walt and Cindy came to church! The week
after that Walt had to go back to working on Sundays but last Monday
after dinner Elder Carroll felt impressed to stop by, so we did and we
talked to them for a while, then we asked if Cindy would like to take
the lessons again and she said yes! So we taught them on Thursday with
Pops, their home teacher. We taught the Restoration and it went well.
It had been cloudy all day, but when we got to the story of Joseph
Smith I started to recite the First Vision and the sun broke
brilliantly through the clouds. Elder Carroll and I sat with our backs
to the window and the light shone straight into Cindy's face, she was
the only one really in the radiance. We both wondered if we should
shut the curtains, but It didn't seem to bother her, she just kept
direct eye contact with us. It was a cool moment. The light stayed
until we about finished the discussion and were getting ready to

It was a good week.

Random Eugene factoid! Eugene is the #2 city in the US for bike theft!
The first being New York City. There are actually whole gangs devoted
entirely to stealing bikes and reselling them. That's why we always
lock up!

That's all I have for today! Love you,

Elder Georgia

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