Saturday, October 11, 2014

Aug. 4, 2014 Fuzzy Sun

Allo There!

This is Elder Georgia, life is going great! I have not received any
cookies in the mail so far, mushy or otherwise!

The sky has been a beautiful dirty grey haze for almost a whole week
now. It's kind of like very faded dusty blue jeans. The best way I can
think of to describe it is ugly/pretty. The sun is usually an orangish
color and on bad days turns quite red. The sunsets really are pretty,
like an opal, but the most frequent attribute of the sky at any time
of day is that it looks dirty. I want to scrub it off. This comes from
the astoundingly large number of fires in Oregon and the surrounding
states right now, it's also the alkali dust from all the bone dry
lakebeds around here.

So I can't shut our door from the inside. It locks from the inside and
you just swing it shut and push firmly to close it, remarkably similar
to other doors, but when I push it firmly THE LATCH DOES NOT LATCH. I
literally shut the door about forty-eight times the other night and it
consistently refused to close. Then Elder Porter closed it. On the
first try. I was so mad.

Elizabeth wife of Joshua is getting baptized on Saturday! She is very
prepared, having read the whole Book of Mormon along with a lot of
side research. We're super excited.

The members here are really great. They constantly are trying to help
us and give us new people to see. After White City, Brookings, and
Lakeview, I'm pretty sure I want to live in a small town. They're

I want to share some of my life dream! I love being on a mission, and
sharing the light of Christ is the best thing I can think of to do, so
I want my life and career to be entirely devoted to bringing others
unto Christ. The main people I want to reach out to are young people,
and particularly those who are lost in the world. So I want to reach
them and teach them eternal truths in a way they can understand,
through stories! Like C. S. Lewis! And Art! So we'll see. 💖

I can't tell y'all how much I love you! I have all these pictures I
need to send but they're on my cameraaaaa! But here's a few.

Elder Georgia

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