Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sept. 2, 2014 Fair Fair

Dear Deer,

So this week was fair week! That means the whole town shuts down and everyone gets busy with fair preparations. The fair ran Thursday to today and everyone was there. Missionary work was very sparse. So how did we use all the extra time? Well, we went to the fair of course!

Thursday morning we helped the 4H judging of the artsy stuff, the photographs, the baking, the quilting, the random crafts, and so forth. We checked in all the kids and youth and made sure their entries were ready to present to the judges. It was fun.

Friday and Saturday evening we directed parking at the main entrance. The fair was free, but parking was 5 dollars so we collected money and gave people passes and stuff. It was neat to see a lot of the people we knew from town, to chat with them a bit, and to get to know some more people. I think in such a small town to see us being of service was fantastic, it really opens the people's hearts to us. But by the end of the week it was like, aaugh we need to do real missionary work! So I'm glad it's over.

Yesterday we taught the youth a mission prep class to the youth during third hour. We had done it in Brookings and it was a smashing success so I had the thought to do it here. We had dinner with the Ward Mission Leader and he thought it was a great idea so we went to the young men's leader and he thought it was a fabulous idea so we went to the young women's leader and she liked the idea so we went to the Bishop's and he thought it was a good idea so we did it (it says a lot about the area that we could walk to head of each auxiliaries house and meet with them in under an hour). We only had two youth from the ward, but because of fair there were three visiting youth so it was good. Then we went with Bro. Voelkel, the previous stake president, to the county prison. I don't think I told you about this before, but we've gone the past three weeks. It's a low security prison, the inmates just run around in the big outdoor courtyard and play basketball and stuff, but it's been an interesting experience. The first week we had four men in our little church group, the next week one had been released, and yesterday another had been released so we were down to two. It's two hours and we have two lessons. We say a prayer, sing a hymn, then an inmate teaches one lesson and usually one of the brethren who visit them teaches the other, but yesterday we taught them a missionary lesson, the Plan of Salvation. It was really neat to read and discuss from the scriptures the principles of Gods plan for us that these men understand so well. They know a lot about the atonement and agency and justice and mercy and spirit prison. But that was probably the last week we can go without going through an extensive training program, which we just don't have time for.

This morning being P-day we went to the parade! We got to go on the Christley's summer reading program float and blow bubbles and throw candy. It was great. Did I tell you Sis. Christley does the summer reading program? But it's way more fun than our library, it's more of a summer reading activity group with one for teens and one for kids. That's why she did the stick bomb and stuff.

Oh and I got the cookies! They were quite alien again, but very oddly delicious. I love them!

Love love love,

Elder Georgia

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