Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oct. 7, 2014 Into the Jungle

Hey Guys!

I have been transferred away from lovely little Lakeview, back to the thickness and greenness of the one and only Emerald City. This time I'm in the Eugene Stake and Eugene Zone itself! Right in the heart of weirdness. Eugene 1st Ward to be precise, the ward the mission home is in. President Russell is in my ward! I probably won't see him too much
though, but more than in Lakeview. I didn't know until I got here yesterday just how gorgeous the city of Eugene is. Our area is all twisting verdant forested hills with the perfect mix of pines and deciduous trees, interspersed with large beautiful homes. Now when I say all hills I mean ALL HILLS. And not rolling ups and downs, but ridiculously steep mountainous monuments of hills that no one in their right minds would actually build a road on. Biking is going to be fun.
But yeah it's gorgeous. And still warm! The Klamath Falls area was getting cold and autumnal but Willamette Valley temperatures are still moderate and awesome. It's not even rainy!

My companion is named Elder Shaw and I just have to say, he's really awesome. I'll go into more details later. The weirdest part though is that when I came from Santa Clara to do the whole training thing and get Elder Porter, I stayed the night with Elder Shaw and one other
elder in this same apartment, we even went tracting in his apartment complex so I already know some potential investigators. It's strange, but super awesome. I know the Savior has directed me in each spot I go to in my mission, I often think I'm way more blessed than I deserve. Whatever circumstances I'm in I tend to think are the best, not that they're better than someone else's circumstances, but that they're the best for me at this point in my life. I know I'm meant to be here.

Love you tons!
Elder Georgia

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