Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sept. 22, 2014 Happy Days

Dear Familia y Amigos,

We recently got the news that Bro. Christley, who had his name removed in the past does need to be rebaptized so that's happening on Sunday! He is sooooo excited.

Our investigator, Jessica, won't be baptized this Saturday. She's going through some hard stuff and hasn't been able to keep her commitments.  We also haven't really been able to teach regularly. Nevertheless we will continue to work with her!

The Stocker family though is doing so well. They've come to church twice, even though he said he wouldn't come if he didn't feel well, and he didn't, but he came. They also came to the ward barbecue and had fun. Sis. Stocker accepted Visiting Teachers even though she's not a member! She even shared a Mormon Message on Facebook from the church's page. She seems to really want to be associated with the church, so we're way excited for her.

This is week 11 of the training and Elder Porter is going to to take the lead in every teaching and planning session! It'll be good. We'll see if he's ready to train muahahaha!

Wellllll I llllllllove you!

Ellllllllllder Georgia

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