Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sept. 15, 2014 Ah Ha!

You Family types are so awesome. Keep up the good work!

Lakeview is fantastic. There's so much joy among the members here.  Going to church is the best. Especially this week because the Stocker family came!

We met the Stockers about a week after we got here, he's been a membersince he was a young man, but his wife is Catholic. She's from the Philippines so I always think of Elder Antig. They have an eight year old daughter and a little tiny baby that was born prematurely but she's doing great now. She's going to be a genius baby, you can tell just from looking into her eyes, she holds eye contact really well. So the Stockers are really awesome, they live on the state line so it's really hard for them to make the almost half hour drive to church.
Bro. Stocker has a strong testimony of the gospel though. They also keep really busy so after that first visit we hadn't been able to meet with them till Saturday! But we had a super great lesson about modern prophets and how their teachings and the gospel bless families. We're going to give them a Family Proclamation next time we see them. Sis. Stocker really likes what she's learned from the missionaries so far and really wants to know more. They're golden, but busy.

Did you know that Lakeview is the earthquake capital either of Oregon or of the US? I can't remember which. I bring it up because there's a very suspicious and pretty strong tremor going on right now. Big earthquakes are very rare, but there's almost constantly little tiny earthquakes that you usually can't feel. Sometimes at night I think I feel them. There's like an average of twenty earthquakes a day or something crazy like that.

We helped Jessica with her garage sale this past week because she got called in to work and couldn't get anyone else so we ran it for a few hours in the morning. That was weird, but kind of fun.

The Zone Conference on Tuesday was really awesome. They introduced a new online proselyting tool: Facebook tracting! We go to the Facebook pages of local attractions or businesses and stalk the people who like them and send them introductory messages and try to teach them online! It's awesome. We haven't had too much opportunity to do it yet but I'll let y'all (sorry, my Lakeview is coming out) know how it goes!
Lovey Doves!
Elder Georgia

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