Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 17, 2014 Seeing Green

Olo! Elder Georgia here! Coming to you from his one short day in the
Emerald City!

I really like it here in Santa Clara, which I have discovered is
really just another word for Eugene.

Elder Rushton is very cool. He was a music major so of course he's
super musical and pretty laid back. He's been in this area going on
six months by the end of this transfer so he'll definitely be ready to
move on... But for now he's fine with being here.

I use a lot of superlatives don't I? :[]

First Sunday here we got a very less active family to come to church!
They're awesome.  The week before I got here the elders baptized an
awesome 17 yr. old girl name: Elizabeth, and now we're teaching Tara,
her mom! Then last week the sisters in our ward had a baptism too,
which doubles the amount of baptisms this ward had last year! We're
rocking the boat! Yes this is the first time I've shared a ward with
sisters and yes it is kind of weird, but they're cool.

They just reorganized the Stake presidency and called our bishop as
one of the councilors and they haven't got a new bishop yet, on top of
that the ward mission leader is out of town, so it's kind of
awkward.... Regardless we are moving things forward and will be
starting an invite-your-friends dodgeball night this Friday at 8! Tell
your missionaries! It's awesome!

For my birthday I want... A very small amount of things. This last
move almost killed me and I'm going to have to send home or throw away
a lot of stuff before it happens again. Ties are nice, there's one cd, A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet Joseph, that I want. If I think of something else I'll tell you, and you can send whatever you want as long as it isn't very much please!

Everything here is green.

Love, Elder Georgia

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