Sunday, April 13, 2014

January 13, 2014 Oh Rain!

The weather was beautiful.  i.e. we got soaked.

I'm glad to hear the chitlins are being good (ish) and having fun.  That home teaching appointment sounds like it was hilarious, and I'm proud of Luke and Age for containing themselves.

This week was sweet.  Elder Woestman and I sent our children up to North Bend to be on exchanges with the Zone Leaders while we worked down in Brookings.  We had almost straight teaching appointments the whole time.  It was awesome.

Bro. Stonebreaker asked us many times to visit his friend, Scott, who had been taught by missionaries before but was kind of dropped, and we tried stopping by and calling but we never got a hold of him.  So on Thursday we tried again.  The screen door was shut but the door was wide open and there were lights on in the house so we knocked.  And we knocked.  And knocked and knocked and knocked and knocked and I wanted to leave but Elder Antig said we should knock more and suddenly... some chihuahuas came and started barking at us, so we knocked some more then we gave up and just before we walked around the corner of the shed Elder Antig glanced back and saw Scott!  So we went and talked to him.  He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and he's been taught all the lessons but he's still smoking so we asked if we could set up a time to meet with him and he was like, how bout we just talk about it at church?  And we were like, yeah.  So he came to church and stayed all three hours and it was fantastic.  Alvin came to church too!  He's the sweetest old man who absolutely loves us but seems incapable of accepting the message of the Restoration.  We keep working on him though.

We had interviews with President Young this week and he mentioned he would like to send Sisters to Brookings, whether he'll add another set or just replace a set of Elders is up in the air, and it probably won't happen for a little while, but we mentioned it to Bro. Marks (our wml) and in Ward Council he got up and announced that Sisters were coming and we needed to prepare for them (facepalm).  That Ward Council exploded with excitement. (I bet that never happens to your ward council eh Dad? ;)  We had to clarify the particulars but it was pretty awesome.

Does Haymarket have multiple sets of missionaries?  Do they have iPads?


Elder Georgia

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