Sunday, April 13, 2014

February 17, 2014

Dear family,

I am greatly Overperturbed and Disenunciated and Suprajoyed at the Lindy news.  Never fear, I have scolded her already and am now somewhat calm.

Happy Valentimes! (tines)  Thanks a ton for le package!  It was super great.  I loved the letters and such and the candy, and the cookies are fantabulous!  Mom, did you make them?  You've gotten really creative.  Did you use pudding mix?  I shared some of them with our mission prep class and they said to tell you they were delish!

Last night we were at our ward mission leader's house for dinner and his grandkids were over and we were teaching them a lesson when one of the granddaughters all of the sudden interjected with a referral.  To clarify, we have not been getting hardly any referrals, maybe one every three weeks, and this was entirely unexpected.  But this approx. 8 yr. old girl just asked us to visit a friend of hers who she had been inviting to church and faith in God.  It was a touching moment for me, because of her faith, and because of the tender mercy it was for us.

This week we taught 17 MCV's (lessons we teach to members).  The previous record was 5 trololo.  We taught 8 in one day [disclaimer: this was largely because our Zone Leaders came down and we split with them].

Nick is getting baptized this Saturday.  There was finally one thing he didn't accept super easily, which was not drinking tea.  But he agreed to live the Word of Wisdom, pray about it, and move forward in faith.  So we're super excited for his baptism, we hope the whole ward will be there and lots of nonmembers.

Well, I love you all tons!

Elder Georgia <3 <3

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