Sunday, April 13, 2014

Feb. 10, 2014 Groceries

Just thought I'd let you know, a sister in our ward bought us like five tons of groceries last week.  So your prayers are answered. :D

While I was in Corvallis I told you a bit about Eric, well I got news recently that he got baptized!  That's always good news to get.

MOM.  I have been absolutely failing in my duties as your son.  This week Bro. Marks, our ward mission leader, drove us to the medford temple (which is about a three hour drive) and talked pretty much the whole time.  But he has written a bunch of books about raising children, and "selecting a mate", he also wrote a program that taught all of his children to read before kindergarten, he has eight kids who were all extremely successful in highschool and continue to be successful, one of his sons lives in our ward and recently started homeschooling his six-or-so kids, another son is a professor on family values or studies or something who actually uses Bro. Marks books in his curriculum, and Bro. Marks is a fabulous public speaker, very wise and pretty hysterical.  All that hit me on the drive to the temple and I was like, duh!  He needs to get in contact with mom!  So I'm going to send you his reading program, and you should get in touch with him and fly him out to your conference!  Cuz it's cool to get flashy people like John Bytheway, but what you really need is down to earth people like Bro. Marks. ;)

We had a good week last week.  We finally taught Maya and Renee again, Nick is still progressing strong, We had an awesome lesson with Holly and Ray, and we remade contact with a few people who fell off the boat.  The Lawtons are among our favorite families to visit, They weren't able to come to church for various reasons, one being that Bro. Lawton-an in home health care provider-worked on Sunday.  Now we've been praying ever since I got here that they would be able to come to church.   So on Saturday we had dinner with them and he told us that the patient he took care of on Sunday had passed away suddenly....  Hmm.

Anyways, we had a really cool experience yesterday.  We were biking along the highway in the dark when we came across a man walking in the same direction.  Elder Antig (I have to brag about him a bit) always wants to talk to everyone he sees, so he slowed down and started talking to this guy as he walked.  He was cool, and said he respected us for what we did.  As we conversed he told us that he wished he had been more brave and had taught his girlfriend about Christ before she had passed away, and that he felt terrible about it now.  Because we were listening intently to what he was saying, we were then able to testify that all people will have the opportunity to hear the gospel, even after this life.  It was obvious that he was deeply impacted by what we said.  He didn't have a phone, and he lived with his uncle and didn't feel comfortable with us going there, so we gave him our number and told him where the church was and the time we met, so it's entirely up to him and Heavenly Father for him to learn more.  We'll be praying for him, and hoping he will make contact with us.

Elder Georgia

p.s. This song was written by an elder in the mission, Elder Henrie.  He was our AP last transfer, and he was also homeschooled.  He wrote it for an investigator, and it's awesome.

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