Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 10, 2014 To the Motherland!

I'm not going to Cottage Grove!  I won't!  Pretty close though!  I'm going to Santa Clara which is basically just a suburb of Eugene.  I've never been so close to the motherland (aka Sodom and Gomorrah) haha.  I'm prooty excited!  Super sad to leave Brookings but ready for a change!  My companion is Elder Rushton which is interesting because that's the elder I took over for here in Brookings.

Have Bro. Marks come to your conference it would be awesome!

No, adjusting to le iPads.

Matthew and Seth are going to be bestest friends one day.

Get better Adr!  Tell Adr-anne to write me!  Even though I haven't written her.... @ 3 <

Love, your Elder.

Fare thee well Brookings!

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