Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013--Happy Turkeys!


So I forgot to update you on Maya and Renee, but because of complications they were not baptized saturday and their date has been rescheduled for 14 Dec 2013.  They have a lot of difficulties and obstacles, but it's amazing how much they've changed even during my short time here.  They're totally awesome.

Thanks for the talk and the Ensign!  That was a really cool story.

Today is only a little P-day, and Thanksgiving will be a full P-day.  So we'll spend the day with various members, leaving uplifting messages and stuffing ourselves.

Waiting till after transfers to send anything would be wise.  This transfer ends on the 15th.

Yes Father, we also will be receiving i-Pads shortly.  President and Sister Young came to Brookings for a fireside and they said we would get them the beginning of January.  Crazy huh?  They haven't said anything about Facebook yet.  So do the missionaries use their old accounts or do they make new special missionary Facebook accounts?

Brookings is a super artistic place (a lot of old retired people living in one of the most gorgeous places is the perfect environment for that) so for our senior family fireside this week there was a photography and music presentation all focused around the Book of Mormon and some of the scripture masteries, and the pictures were amazing.  The member who did it is going to get it to me on a cd so I can present it to you too. :)

We've been able to work with a lot of wonderful less-active members lately.  One Sister in the ward who is very open about the gospel teaches a nursing class, and one of her students confessed to her that she is a member of the church who hasn't come for a long long time.  She worked up the courage to meet with us and we had an awesome time teaching the Restoration.  She has a 16 yr. old daughter we hope to start teaching soon.  Another awesome family is Jeremy and Sina, she's Tongan and they have a bunch of kids who love it when we come over.  Jeremy bakes amazing bread and rolls and cinnamon rolls, and he loves to fish so he likes to give us salmon (luckily Elder Mock knows how to cook salmon) and it's delish.  They came to church yesterday and they have plans to become fully active again!

We also got a new investigator named Paola (sounds like Paula) who is a Bahai (I think that's how you spell it) which means she believes in serving others and being open to others beliefs.  She's super nice but she's an aeronautical engineer which means she's also super busy and we're not going to be able to teach her again for a month. :(  But she's cool.

Well, that's all I can think of to say!  I love you SO MUCH and hope you have a super duper, happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Elder Georgia

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