Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18, 2013--Sunrise, Sunset (halfway through the mission)

Brookings has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  We watch the sun rise over the mountains and set into the sea.  Seasunsets are more gorgeous than any other kind.  Why?  The other day I realized it's because as the sun gets near the sea it reflects off of it with an overabundance of light.  So they're a lot brighter than regular sunsets.  I think God gives us days so we can understand eternity.  There's a beginning and an end to a day, but it always begins again, over and over and over forever.  Years are the same way, and so are missions.  It's just a phase of life with a beginning and an end, and right now I'm terrified of the end, but I know a new mission will just open up after this one ends.

And for right now it's noon!  It's in the middle and I want to keep it that way!  I don't want to hear anything else about the length of time I've been on my mission! - [] - (a face)

It sounds like the fam is all being useful and productive!  Missionary work is the best!  But theater is pretty cool too I guess.  No I think it's way cool.  Keep it up Lute!

You can pray for Maya and Renee (their baptism date is this Saturday, I don't know if I told you that, but they've canceled a few appointments and there's a few other issues, so we're not sure if it will go through this week.  Maya's is more likely), Glenda (we're still not teaching her yet), Bonnie (we've got an appointment), Katie and Chris (kind of investigators, lots of problems), Jeremy and Sina (less active, give us lots of food), and Deondre (friend of some of the youth, we're trying to get something set up).

I have changes to make to my Christmas list!  New music rule being enforced is hymns, efy, and nashville tribute ONLY.  Not even any classical so I really hope Adrianne didn't make that cd yet!  No popcorn boppin' or anything.  So MOTAB is always good.  Maybe you could see if EFY 2013 is any good?  I've pretty much heard all the earlier ones.  You could send me that Steven Sharp Nelson cd maybe.  That's hymns right?  Aside from that I would love some easy to make recipes!  Maybe even on cute recipe cards. :3  I lost that no-bake cookie recipe!  Then I was thinking maybe you could send me those gray slacks I had?  As long as you don't think they are too shiny.  I could wear the vest that goes with it too, if I had the matching suit coat (it might still be at burlingtons??).  But that's pretty much it.

I have a violin right now!  I'm borrowing it from a member because they might make me play in their Christmas party if I'm still here, so I need to get unrusty.

Top picture is President Young (my mission president) with Elder Ballard (his mission president, seriously when P Young was young that's who it was [random, but when Elder Foster was here he told us that when he was a mission president he called his missionaries his Foster Children, then President Young was like, "And I've decided to call all of you my Youngsters." lol P Young.)

Other picture is our adorable chapel!

Elder Georgia

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