Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dec. 10, 2013 No snow!

Ha ha we're practically in a tropical paradise!  Woot!  Not really, we were actually in Coos Bay the last three days which doesn't have the blessed Chetco Effect to keep it warm.  We had Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday then Zone Conference on Monday which is why I'm e-mailing on a Tuesday.  At Zone Conference we learned a lot, but then we had kind of a nice happy Christmas section where we watched most of The Christmas Oranges.  NEW FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE.  We actually watched it last year too, but only the last bit.  It's a mormon movie not produced by the church, and I definitely recommend it. :D

This past week has been wonderful!  As you know, Maya and Renee are set to be baptized on the 14th, but we weren't sure they were going to be anywhere near ready.  Their hearts just didn't seem to be in the right place.  We decided however that we would push forward and do our best to have them ready, and we were praying for a miracle.  We taught them on Friday only a few hours before we were all going to go to the ward Christmas party.  The Spirit in that lesson was so strong, and as we taught, the change of heart we had been praying for was evident in what they said.  It was a Christmas miracle!  Certain complications mean that we'll have to move their baptism back (we haven't even told them yet, but we will tonight) but they are allowing the gospel to work in their lives, which is awesome to see.

The Ward Christmas party was a blast too!  Sis. Leavitt who organized it, had the ingenious idea to get Bro. Webster to have his middle school choir, Seabreeze, come perform in it.  So all the families of the choir kids came too!  So many nonmembers were in our building!  Maya was in the choir too, and a few potential investigator families we had been trying to work with were involved also.  Aside from that, a lot of ward members who don't make it to church so often were there, and we were scurrying around the whole time talking to everybody.

I have some more fun Brookings facts!  Brookings is the only spot on mainland U.S. soil that was attacked during WWII!  A Japanese bomber dropped a firebomb which didn't detonate the way it was supposed to, so it didn't cause the raging forest fire intended.  Somebody found the shell and reported it.  They chose Brookings because they thought it was the least defended section of the coast, but I'm sure it wasn't after that.  Also here in the area is one of only two places that the myrtlewood tree grows, the other place is Jerusalem.  So it's quite the tourist attraction with gift shops devoted entirely to stuff made out of myrtlewood.

I heard from the Zone Leaders that only 20% of the missionaries in our mission have been out for over a year.......  We're a really young mission!  But I feel really old....

Oh yeah, and did you change my Facebook login?  I might be needing it soon. ;3 i.e. that was most of what we talked about at Zone Conference and our mission has been selected to test out social media.  But it will roll out kind of slowly so I don't know when I'll use it for sure.


Elder Georgia!

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