Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Dear Family,

I have recently been struck with the terrible suspicion that some of you have become obsessed with a sticky and addicting substance known as: "DOCTOR WHO"!  I would advise you to back off immediately.  I have firsthand observed the effects of such a dabbling, and I must inform you that it leads to severe geekiness, and the uttering of words and phrases that only others who are lost in likewise psychological fog can understand.  It's very silly.  I demand to know who in the family has succumbed to the Who world.

Did you know that the Corvallis Oregon Stake was the first stake that Thomas S. Monson organized as an apostle?

Thanks so much for the Halloween box!  You know, we've been getting ridiculous amounts of cookies from members and stuff, but none of them taste anywhere near as good as the ones I get from home. :)

I sent this to all my missionaries in different missions:

"Hello my beloved missionary friends!

This week I was wondering if missionaries in other fields of labor had any finding ideas that worked particularly well for them, or if they had had any special miracles they had experienced through finding that I could share with my district.  I'll be anxiously awaiting your insights. :D

Elder Georgia"

And I was so happy to hear their great responses!  I'll probably let you know what they said at some point.

This week we met an awesome lady named Cris that the Spanish Elders found, by pushing her wheelchair over a speed bump.  We talked to her about the gentlemen in wheelchairs that she takes care of when she's NOT in a wheelchair because of just having a full knee replacement.  Then we gave her a Book of Mormon.

We've sort of lost contact with Paul and Dustin, but we're working on regaining contact.  Pray for them.

People are being too loud.  I can't think of anything else to say, so... I love you!

Elder Georgia

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