Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

I'm so glad that box made it!  You know, I've been working on that since March or something.  That's ridiculous.  Oh, I sent those cd's because I didn't feel like they were 100% missionary approved.  I ripped songs from all of them that were bonito (incorrect use of spanish hablas) and burned those ones onto a few cd's.  The Piano Guys and Jackie Evancho I bought when we went to Portland at Deseret Book, and I knew I would send them home, after I took the missionary appropriate songs haha.

It's great to hear about Christian and Kayla, how do they get along with the Ariases?  How old is Samantha now?

Today is Elder Boswell's birthday woot woot!  He just turned 14 haha.  JK He turned 19, but yes he's young.  Everyone makes fun of him.  He's awesome.

We received a referral this week through some other missionaries that came from the institute.  We contacted him on Thursday.  His name is Eric, he's a painter, he has four or five parakeets that just fly free throughout his house, he has a severe brain disorder (he says anyways, it's not very apparent, unless you look at his art, but all great artists are crazy right?), and he has read the whole Book of Mormon of his own volition and knows it's true and knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  I love missions!  His first contact with missionaries was right after he traumatically split up with his wife, and gave his only child away to be raised by relatives, two sister missionaries lived just down the street.  He said they would visit him a lot, and just chat and see how he was doing.  They helped him through a really hard time.  Then he was in the hospital for a while and one of the other patients gave him a Book of Mormon.  He read it with a sincere heart and real intent and cannot deny it's truthfulness.  He has a few hurdles to get over, but he knows the church is true, and absolutely LOVES missionaries.  We taught him the Restoration yesterday (with a lot of interruptions, he's very easily sidetracked) which prepared us for....

Finally being able to teach Mandii and her husband Jim!  they have a 3 yr. old daughter named Ava.  Words cannot describe that lesson.  I absolutely know the Spirit just took control and did the teaching, because it was an almost flawless lesson.  Straight from Preach My Gospel.  It was the first real real lesson Elder Boswell and I have taught, and it was super easy to teach together.  At the end of the lesson, we asked Jim to offer a kneeling prayer, he was hesitant, saying he hadn't prayed in a long time, but he did it, and afterwards he remarked on how easy and heartfelt it was and how calm he felt.  we also discovered that Mandii is actually a less active!  She was baptized as a teenager and fell away as a teenager, so her knowledge is very basic and incomplete.  Her records aren't even in our ward.

I love you many times a lot!

Elder Georgia

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